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Hey I know there are a hundred threads about focus but I think the current focus schools should give us more passive effects and less operator oriented gameplay. No one likes operators outside of eidelon hunting let's be real here. So it's annoying to have to exit my Warframe and remember that I'm actually playing as a kid instead of a cool Warframe. 

A few examples would be small effects, stats buffs, or something like for example the "Phoenix talons" skill seems like the best out of the others. And the gradually loss of combo meter skill (instead of losing it all). I think we need many skills of this manner which are interactive and passive without being forced to use operator mode.


Edit: guess I'm the only one who is not that fond of operator which makes this my opinion.

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31 minutes ago, Jadous said:

No one likes operators outside of eidelon hunting let's be real here.

Besides of course Kuva Siphons and erasing resistances, there's also:

- Void Dash mobility
- safe revives
- mass CC
- Squad healing
- free Energy
- protecting / healing objectives
- plenty of stuff I forgot

For raw damage, sure I use my "actual" weapons, but if you can't find any use for your Operator, that's honestly weird 😛

Mind, I do hope we get some more passive skills added to our void demons, like ...

- Enemy & Loot Radar (or alternatively, just allow kiddo to share the Mods our Frames & Companions use)
- allowing Health & Energy pickups to be shared with the Frame (and thus Companion, and also trigger Arcanes / e.g. Synth Fiber)
- making your Companion invincible during Void Mode at the cost of them stopping to attack (should be innate but ... oh well)

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Operators provide invisibility, invulnerability, mobility and CC to your loadout regardless of which frame you bring, so they're plenty useful outside of Eidolons honestly. They just aren't mandatory, but then again neither is Focus.

I do think Focus needs another overhaul for rebalancing though. Zenurik is still the clear choice for 95% of loadouts due to the broken energy economy in this game (and now it stole melee specialization from Naramon on top of it). I only use it on a couple frames because I've forced myself to diversify out of spite, but that makes you end up needing much more strict builds and arcane setups to work effectively for most frames. 

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