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Now that we can pick what weapon our Lich has,

(XBOX)Erudite Prime

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You thought they added that system to be helpful? They added that system because they knew they were going to have to do this and wanted to drag out the grind to months for each weapon. It's kinda like destiny 2 vanilla making you find a more powerful version of the weapon you already have to upgrade... well, technically i think it was of the dame weapon type but vanilla destiny didn't exactly have a whole lot of each weapon type....

It's kinda sad that Warframe is drawing from the physics of a failed game title to inspire them. 

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53 minutes ago, (XB1)Erudite Prime said:

not being able to get the same weapon back-to-back is a very bad thing

Good news:
It doesn't look like its a thing!

My last claimed lich weapon was a Hind.
I am looking for a Chakuur to increase its bonus percentage and have seen 2 more hinds from a larva.

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