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TennoGen Expansion 2020

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DE....if you see this, PLEASE give us Orbitor THEMES. Just as we have themes for armor sets and weapons around factions, PLEASE give us faction themes for our orbitors too. A good example is i love the way the Helmith room looks with the infested theme and would like the whole inside of my Orbitor to look just like it! Or maybe someone wants their Orbitor to have an Orokin theme to it. I am never happy with my Orbitor as it looks like a messy Apartment with the most random items here and there that has no theme behind it. I know a lot of people would be into this!<3

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On 2020-08-05 at 1:19 PM, [DE]Taylor said:

As you might have seen during our Art Panel at TennoCon 2020, we are expanding our TennoGen program offerings this year!

When will Tennogen be available for those of us that launch through standalone and not through Steam?

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I know this is relatively old.

but when can we start messing with the Deluxe skins instead of the normal frames? the deluxe skins have so much....MORE...to them than just texture and metal replacements that the current tennogen have (most of them ARE great)

I also want to be able to see the tennogen with the prime parts seeing as nearly all the tennogen in game now have prime variants that we cant see until AFTER purchase.

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