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  1. Not when Amazon refuses you to sign up. Because I don't have such plastic that's capable of making the required payment for this.
  2. Why do we get falsely-advertised free item messages forced upon our eyes upon logging in to the game?
  3. I've been ripped off from day 1 when they started advertising "FREE STUFF" But its really not free when it requires a third party paid subscription. Way to go with false advertisement DE.
  4. So I get this inbox message. Why am I going to get this SPAM telling me I can get things that doesn't tell me anything about it being locked behind a paywall? I don't have Amazon Prime, therefore I do not have Twitch Prime, thus the page I got sent to when I clicked "Redeem in Browser" https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/loot/warframe?ref_=SM_CM_WRFRME19_IGP1 ... ... is absolutely pointless for me. If -EVERYONE- is going to get this spam, -EVERYOINE- should be able to get it, REGARDLESS of a 3rd-party SUBSCRIPTION. Thank you.
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