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  1. I got an inbox message stating that ALL tenno are invited, but I'm failing to even see this Tennocon relay, only Strata and Tennolive ... Thanks for the false advertising Baro.
  2. Yet this video doesn't seem to have that requirement. Try again.
  3. Couple posts below the OP ------ e: Imagine this tho, for an announcement as important as Tennocon, the embedded video actually works, unlike the ones posted regarding the Livestreams and the dev workshops that have this age-restricted ... junk ... going on with them. ... What is the deal with that?
  4. I see the video is still broken. Please fix.
  5. With the continued nerfs heading for Melee, maybe its time to just remove Melee and its mechanics from the game and just require people to use guns in this looter shooter game.... Well played DE.
  6. Let's see one where there are no rivens in the loadout at all.
  7. I have NO problems with any of the OTHER videos that have been posted on this forum by @[DE]Rebecca.. Just not this specific one. I don't know what setting DE used differently on this one specific video, but its ONLY this one that has this issue. None of the others have this age verification stupidity.
  8. Players should NOT have to jump through hoops just to watch a video that's linked in not one, not two, But THREE DIFFERENT ANNOUNCEMENT THREADS. That's the point of people trying to get DE to open their eyes and see what kind of stupidity is going on with the video here. I should be able to simply click into the thread and watch the video. Not have to install a browser extension and install some third party script that does god knows WHAT in the background just to view it. On the flipside, I shouldn't have to submit banking information, credit card details or identifying information to Big Tech just to view what could be a simple 10~15 minute Youtube Video.
  9. Where was this previous announcement made? If its in the video, please fix the video so I can actually view it. Its still locked behind an arbitrary age-restriction unlike all the past dev workshop videos.
  10. Reread my post, including the quoted portion of it. Reread my post, including the quoted portion of it. I was responding to someone saying Arbitrations come BEFORE Steel Path. That is not the case, the unlock procedure is the same for both systems, except Arbitrations unlock IMMEDIATELY when completing the star chart, you have to MANUALLY VISIT TESHIN in the Relay to open up Steel Path, but the requirements are the same. Sure, Arbitrations have lower enemy levels, however the complete RNG nature of Arbitrations makes the mode not fun to slog through. The Arbitration Drones that say screw you Warframes don't really add to the equation there, as well as the stupid death penalty system that Arbitrations have don't really make running in a squad more fun. In fact, that death penalty system PENALIZES the rest of your squad. Arbitrations need a complete revisit on ALL of its systems to make it much more fun to play.
  11. Steel Path and Arbis are both unlocked by the same requirements: Complete the Star Chart.
  12. Definitely curious what is going on. What are these rocketship Rank things all about?
  13. There was an update to this workshop, but the video embedded within is still age locked. ... @[DE]RebeccaCan we PLEASE have a fix for this?
  14. Las time Plague Star was ran was about 1½ years ago. Try again.
  15. This weapon used to be the main weapon I would use, would barely use Melee ... Until they gutted the thing to the point where you can't even hit the broadside of a barn by standing 3 feet away from it. ...
  16. Come again? Every. Single. Galavanized Mod here ALL have effects locked behind kills, whether its normal kills, or HEADSHOT KILLS like Scope/Crosshairs.
  17. Still waiting on a fix for this DE. This is frustrating me beyond frustration because I do NOT like UI elements moving on their own to places I do not want them.
  18. @[DE]RebeccaCan you fix the chat ui migrating north on my screen randomly? That would be amazing.
  19. @[DE]RebeccaI still haven't been able to watch the video posted in the OP. It continues to state that its been age-restricted and cannot be viewed in its embedded form. Can we get a fix on this one?
  20. Try saying that about the devstream from the past month which has a working embed, this past week's thank you for watching hometime video also has a working embed. Just for some strange reason, this one has a broken embed, and I cannot view it in any way without submitting private personal information I do NOT want to submit to Big Brother. Hell, the 30.3 Preview update is embeddable just fine.
  21. ALL of the past videos don't have this issue... Just this new one.
  22. Are you sure these will REMAIN Steel Path Honors only, or will they eventually make their way to the Platinum Market akin to the Railjack when the Railjack Rework was introduced?
  23. Nice to see an option to revive fallen Sentinels. ... Can it not be locked behind Mercy Kills though? I never did use the Mercy Kill system simply due to how quickly its possible to nuke an entire room at times...
  24. Remove the randomness from INVIGORATIONS and the system would be perfect.
  25. Great, another secondary I enjoy using getting nerfed into the ground. Time to find a new secondary once again just like when they killed the Catchmoon.
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