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  1. I feel like he's great for somebody, but he doesn't tickle me. Just not really suited to my preferred playstyle.
  2. The main reason combo count has mostly been dropped from the meta is, you no longer need it to deal huge melee damage. A heavy attack crit build is enough to deal with the vast majority of enemies in the game, and you don't have to worry about maintaining a high combo count. A combo build with blood rush etc will eventually do more damage, once you get it stacked high enough, but even on Steel Path you rarely need that kind of output, especially when it takes so much effort to maintain your combo stack (relative to just not worrying about it at all, anyway).
  3. We need more ways to get reactant drops in Void Storms, and preferably ways to get drops that don't require leaving the railjack. It seems especially bad on Grineer missions, where you can easily clear the POI without seeing a single reactant drop, meaning you basically have to sit around and wait to be boarded. Maybe completing objectives should award 3-6 reactant, maybe reactant can drop from enemy ships, maybe the explodey void shard things that appear inside the railjack could be interacted with somehow ('heal' with omni like a ship hazard?) to have a 10% chance to drop a reactant.
  4. No, I mean when you finish the mission and it flashes the rewards one after the other. The point at which you can select another mission.
  5. I believe as long as you've gotten the "mission complete" message, you can quit and keep everything you've earned up to that point.
  6. Temporal Anchor is a super cool power that doesn't really seem to fit Warframe's gameplay. I mean any power that takes you backwards in Warframe has lost the race before it started. I dunno, maybe instead of dragging you back to the place where you activated the power, it could send a "time double" or something. Heck, maybe instead of speeding back, the time double could go reverse at regular speed, with all of her shots doing AOE damage (to make up for the fact that they're not going to be aimed at enemies).
  7. Warframe's biggest problem has always been its dependence on kill count for rewards (affinity, resources). The nuke frame meta stems from this underlying issue.
  8. It would be endless, you'd just find another cryopod and start it all over again—enter the Corpus ship, defend the pod, extract to railjack, defend the satellite, rinse repeat. And yes, the map tile is not great, definitely needs some work.
  9. I don't really get the point of the constant electrical procs during the jamming drones POI. If you could do something about it, hack a console to turn it off for 15 seconds or something, then it would add to the gameplay by giving you additional objectives. But it's just kinda there, for no apparent reason. When I first did that POI type I figured it was some kind of bug, due to the lack of any in-game reference to it. Why is it there? Is it some kind of Corpus countermeasure? Is it some kind of effect from Cy's hacking? What's going on? I'm guessing it's there to add more "challenge", b
  10. Railjack defense missions kinda suck. The railjack part is fun, but then you get out and just do a boring defense mission until you fall asleep on your keyboard. So here's a better concept. Basically, your objective in railjack defense isn't simply guarding some random cryopod until you decide to leave. Your objective in railjack defense is actually rescuing those cryopods. The rescue comes in three parts: first, you fight your way onto the ship that's holding the cryopod. Cy has to lock onto the cryopod's signature, so you have to defend it until he does so. While you're defending it, th
  11. The low playerbase for Conclave tells the entire story. The Warframe community in general doesn't enjoy PvP in Warframe. It's there, and it's fine that it's there, and it's fine that it has some cosmetic rewards locked behind it—players who enjoy PvP should be rewarded for doing it. But it's simply not something that appeals to a large portion of the Warframe playerbase. Which means that it can't be a substantial part of endgame content. At best, it could maybe be an optional path for endgame—one potential method for acquiring Endgame Reward X, whatever that is, with other methods of acqu
  12. Dude. Most Warframe players aren't interested in PvP. Deal with it.
  13. I think "endgame" has to be more than simple gameplay modes. I think it has to be bigger, more strategic. Basically, endgame players should start to decide how best to balance the system themselves, rather than simply doing whatever mission the Lotus offers. The Grineer and the Corpus constantly seeking to take over each others' territories, with the Infested and maybe the Sentients making surprise inroads, and the endgame is deciding how best to keep any one faction from getting too strong.
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