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  1. If you want self-heals, Healing Return counts each pellet separately.
  2. The old Solar Rails Conflicts had a lot of problems, but one thing they did right was to get clans and alliances deeply involved in directing parts of the game. Warframe needs an endgame that allows clans and alliances to work with/against each other to speed up/slow down construction of cyclical events such as Fomorian Sabotage and Razorback Armada. The basic idea would be to allow clans/alliances to construct certain missions which would nudge either the Formorian or the Razorback construction percentage by a few points each time that mission is completed. SOLAR RAILS Each clan that wants to participate would construct a solar rail. When a clan constructs their solar rail, they pick a strategy (e.g. slow down Fomorian construction, speed up Razorback construction, etc). DEPLOYMENT AND QUALIFICATION Once the rail is constructed, the clan can deploy it to a map node. Map nodes would be open to deployment for a 48 hour period, during which any number of clans can deploy their rail. Once the 48 hour deployment window is up, a qualification mission becomes available on that node for any clan that deployed a rail. The qualification mission is available for 24 hours, during which all of the clans compete to get either a high mission score or a high aggregate score (aggregate scores would favor large clans/alliances, missions scores would be winnable even by Ghost clans). If you fail to qualify, you get 50% of the cost of a solar rail back. STRATEGIC ADVANCE When the qualification period ends, the two clans with the highest scores and different strategies (e.g. one clan with the "speed up Razorback" strategy and one clan with the "slow down Fomorian" strategy) get to activate their Solar Rail. This creates two new missions on that node, which can be accessed by anyone. Players 'vote' for which strategy they want by playing the corresponding mission. These missions remain available for 24 hours, after which time the node is cleared and a new deployment period would begin. PLAYER REWARDS Mission rewards are determined by strategy. In story terms, the overall goal is to keep both Fomorians and Razorbacks from advancing quickly—keeping balance in the system, basically. So strategies that advance the faction currently in the lead offer no special rewards. The 'special reward' for these missions is getting to the Fomorians/Razorbacks faster, so you can farm those exclusive rewards. Strategies that slow down the losing faction—increasing instability in the system, but still slowing down overall deployment speed—would reward "bribes" from the faction that benefits. These bribes would be a mix of short term buffs and debuffs. Buffs might include 15-minute credit/drop rate boosters; 1 hour +30% heat damage on all bows; 30 minutes +25% ability efficiency, stuff like that. The system instability would also occasionally inflict similarly-themed debuffs, with greater frequency the greater the gap between factions. Debuffs could be 30 minutes -30% toxin damage on all primaries; one hour -15% ability range, etcetera. Strategies that speed up the losing faction—decreasing instability, but speeding up overall deployment speed—would offer the same bribes as above, but with half the duration, and no chance of debuffs. Finally, strategies that slow down the winning faction—decreasing both instability and deployment speed—get no special reward, or maybe something like a bonus 15k credits. However, if the 24 hour active period ends and either the Fomorian or Razorback percentage has not increased, everyone whose net participation slowed down the deployment rate gets a reward from the appropriate reward table (Fomorian Sabotage or Razorback Armada). To qualify, you have to have done more "slow down" missions than "speed up" missions. If both the Fomorian and the Razorback didn't increase in deployment for that 24 hours, you get a reward from both tables. The idea is, you can go for the easy rewards, or you can work hard and trust your fellow Tenno and maybe get a shot at the good stuff. CLAN REWARDS Clan rewards would be reversed in priority. If your strategy fails (e.g. fewer players choose it), you get back 25% of the cost of your solar rail. If your strategy succeeds, you don't get any of the cost back, but you do get special cosmetic rewards, starting with a dojo and orbiter decoration that displays the number of conflicts your clan has won. Past that, there could be further dojo/orbiter decorations, special armor sets, weapon skins, and so on. Succeeding in these conflicts would be costly to a clan, but would reward cool stuff that few others have. Overall, the idea is to avoid the mistake the original Solar Rail Conflicts made, which was to allow clans that won a conflict to gain massive amounts of resources which would aid them in winning future conflicts. After a few conflict cycles, anyone who hadn't already won a conflict was locked out, because clans who had won previous conflicts could offer much larger rewards to players. In this setup, winning a conflict actually costs the clan more resources than losing does. So that's the idea. Clans compete for cool cosmetics/bragging rights, essentially; winning is costly, requiring real dedication to succeed. Players choose between easy, small rewards and harder, larger rewards. The whole thing is linked directly into the central tenno mission to preserve balance in the system.
  3. I would bet good money that slots are one of DE's main sources of revenue. DE doesn't charge you for using/playing with every weapon, frame, and companion in the game. All of the content is free. What isn't free is having all of that content at the same time. That doesn't seem particularly unfair or "cash-grabby" to me. It's simply another form of exclusivity, which has always been Warframe's main 'hook'.
  4. I was thinking about getting this skin, but not if it's this hard to use.
  5. Er, ducked more? As in they'll be even quieter than their current inaudibility when Onkko is transmitting? Or they'll be audible again, as they were before 25.7?
  6. I was playing Harrow on a tridolon run last night, and every time Terry, Garry or Harry did their energy spike, the warmup-pause-scream sound sequence that tells you the spike is coming was partially or completely blocked by Onkko talking. The eidolon's sound effects dropped drastically in volume in order to make Onkko's voice more audible. This is in contrast to the way it was before the patch, when Onkko's transmissions and the eidolon's sound effects both played at full volume. I didn't change any settings I'm aware of, so it seems like this is a change (intended or not) in the game. Please change it back! I really don't need to hear Onkko telling me that my lure is insufficient. What I need to hear is the energy spike scream effect, so that I know when to hit my reduced-duration Covenant.
  7. I'm really hoping that Empyrean comes with a ground-up rebuild of the whole vehicle system in Warframe. The whole thing has kinda been built hodgepodge, leaving us with a situation where we have three separate buttons that are all required for "go forward" and zero buttons for "dismount from your vehicle". It's something that struck me when I started using void strike for tridolons—once you jump on your Itzal archwing of choice to zip over to the next fight, you have to be careful about where you aim when you hit the melee button to dismount, or you'll do a groundslam and waste one of your VS stacks. There should be one button for "go", and possibly a second button for "go faster", with no need for a third button—if anything, there should really be a button for "stop going so fast". There should be a button for "stop being on your vehicle" that doesn't share functionality with another button. And I'm still not convinced that yaw and roll should be combined. And that's not even getting into the whole skywing-steers-like-a-dead-bolarola issue.
  8. Holistically, right now we've got two buttons for switching from melee to guns: the switch weapons button, and the button formerly known as block. We really only need one, and removing manual block has caused all manner of issues. If you apply the instant switch to the switch weapons button when you've got melee equipped and restore block, it seems like that would resolve the biggest issues with Melee 2.9.
  9. Well, from a game income perspective, I kinda doubt DE will go in this direction for exactly the reasons you mentioned—it's more forma, more potatoes, more adapters, a percentage of which will be bought with real money aka how DE makes them fat stacks. From a gameplay perspective... like it or hate it, grind is kinda built into Warframe's DNA. And I feel like there are vanishingly few cases where a player needs much foresight to decide whether it's worth sinking resources into a non-prime frame. If it's a new frame, then the prime version is gonna be a long time coming, by which time you'll likely have a sizeable reserve of potatoes etc. If it's a frame that has a prime, or an old frame that's about due, then level it up as mastery fodder and hold off until you get the prime version. I guess DE could go the route of, like you said, a super-rare thingy you can build that would let you merge frames/weapons/whatever, or even just transfer a forma/potato/adapter from one frame to another. Such a thingy could, of course, be bought with plat, which would give DE another income stream. So maybe, but the income stream is basically required.
  10. I ground my way from 0 to rank 24 or so in less than a week. Don't do dailies, log in one weekend and burn your way through a bunch all at once.
  11. Invincibility phases aren't the problem, the problem is when the player has no way to end the phase. Bugs aside, ropalolyst is a good direction to take bosses in. You have dps phases mixed in with "do stuff" phases. Your maxed out gear isn't sidelined, but you also can't just one shot the boss.
  12. Thank you, Tenno! But our Lotus is in another star system!
  13. There is nothing in this game more frustrating than sitting at the loading screen for three minutes while the rest of your squad blazes through the mission. We need to have access to the squad menu while in the loading screen, and additionally the squad menu needs to take precedence at all times. I can't count the number of times I've accidentally misclicked a mission, and then desperately spammed the X button trying to get out of it while the timer counted down.. only to be dragged in anyway. We should never be without a way to exit the mission and head back to our orbiter.
  14. What are you getting instead? Phasmin is one of the most common drops from blue veins.
  15. That was kinda my thought. If I had to guess, I'd say they're maybe concerned about having to load an extra mesh, or to have to check whether the additional mesh is necessary to load? But based on some bugs with previous skins, I think they're already loading the original mesh. In conclusion, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well, easy can mean different things in coding. Adding, for instance, 256 new sidearms to the weapons table (that's how many possible combinations there are for kitguns) is, in some ways, pretty simple, and in other ways a big tedious slog of data entry—even moreso when you consider the possibility of adding new parts in the future, or changing the stats of existing parts. Adding a single new kitgun part would result in 64 new sidearms to add to the weapons table. A new system that takes the physical mesh and derives the final stats from them is more complex, but it's also more flexible. And, maybe most importantly, it's more interesting to create.
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