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  1. I feel like the pickup range for an object should at least be as large as the object itself. I can't pick this guy up until he floats out of the ground:
  2. Guys, the number of bugged situations that a player can 'resolve' and continue their game by getting something to kill them is immense, and continues to grow. So WHY is there still no /die command, or something similar? It's a simple tool. There's very little potential for abuse. It would be immensely useful. Why do we not have this?
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Stuck fishing again VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Go fishing EXPECTED RESULT: Not to be stuck, unable to move or act OBSERVED RESULT: Stuck, unable to move or act REPRODUCTION RATE: Only when I've got a huge amount of fish/ore/gems and there's no infested around to kill me and fix the bug
  4. The most frustrating part about it is that /unstuck doesn't work. Like, this is exactly what unstuck should be able to fix! Anyway, I'll be twiddling my thumbs in the Drift, hoping some infested come by and kill me so I don't lose forty-five minutes' worth of fishing. e: While I'm waiting here, why is it that when I'm trying to fish, I can't swing a dead kavat without hitting fifteen mobs that want to interrupt me, but when I need some to come by and kill me, the entire frickin' map goes empty?
  5. I'm massing the mastery points for one of the four ventkids K-drives I've mastered. I've got all four drives in my inventory, maxed, but my profile says I've only got 18,000 K-drive mastery points (6k per drive). I don't think it's a display bug; I've added up all the mastery points in my profile, and they match the displayed total. I'm pretty sure it's not crediting me for the Bad Baby drive, since that one is greyed out in my profile.
  6. Well, just the one skin, really. Hind and Kuva Hind are rifles, and as such should be able to equip the Oscira rifle skin, but the option doesn't appear.
  7. I really, really, really, really, really want to like k-drives. And I almost do. But I just can't, because they're just so damn frustrating to ride. The grinding stickiness is just flat out undependable, even with the +30% mod. And for a vehicle whose entire design should lend it to moving cleanly over any terrain, trying to actually move in anything other than flat, open ground is a nightmare. I know the floatiness is there to allow for tricks, but it makes actually going anywhere an exercise in frustration. The absolute number one problem that needs to be addressed is grinding stickines
  8. I had to disconnect my Warframe and Twitch accounts, and then re-connect them, to get mine.
  9. Woof. Thanks for the 437 steel essence!
  10. Yeah, makes it impossible to mix with other accessories.
  11. Just entered my dojo for the first time since the update, and... JJ Abrams called, he wants his lens flare back!
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