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  1. You mean to do the Steel Path? You have to go talk to Teshin. After tha, it's a toggle on the right side of your solar map.
  2. Having friends to play with vs Rando Calrissian almost certainly makes a huge difference, but DE did drastically rebalance almost every aspect of railjack combat not too long ago. I can definitely see that having a huge impact on how much someone enjoys it.
  3. Eh, bows and nikanas are mid-range. Pretty much any melee is viable now, but the real top-tier weapons (especially with the Steel Path spawn rate) are the ones with lots of range and a constant attack animation—polearms and the like. My zaw is built for spamming heavy attacks, which do lots of damage along a very narrow path, once every second or so. Bows are similar, with good aim you can get a lot of damage—once every second or so, generally on a single target. Warframe isn't very kind to most rapid-fire/automatic weapons, that's very true.
  4. I'm doing Steel Path with the gear I like, mostly Wisp, my Daikyu, and a high-crit Sepfahn zaw. My super high-damage stuff is there if I want to break it out, but so far (making my way through Jupiter, but I've cleared Lua) I haven't really felt the need. I did, thankfully, happen to be running Hildryn when I did the Ropalolyst.
  5. ...is that when you go back to the regular star chart, all the enemies feel like they're made of out frickin' meringue. You splatter them by accident without even noticing. Steel Path definitely isn't engameTM (which is good because, y'know, DE explicitly said it wasn't intended to be), but it's where I feel at home now. It's nice to have enemies that you can chew on a little. If only I didn't have to go back to the Meringue Path for events and such. e: I take it back. The worst thing about the Steel Path is the Ropalolyst. Arielyyy (I think), you my blood now.
  6. We still need a fix for some people being unable to access some Dark Sector nodes on The Steel Path.
  7. Did you try do a melee ground smash? The AOE usually takes out all the crystals whether they're visible or not.
  8. So now that we don't have to put all but one of our pets in stasis, can we also allow having more than one pet out in the orbiter at a time? Alternatively, what about having an 'orbiter pet slot', so that the pet in your loadout can be different from the pet that's out in your orbiter. Specifically, I'd really like to have a kavat kitten and/or a kubrow puppy running around the orbiter, while still having a grown pet in my companion slot. And while we're at it, how about letting us customize kittens and puppies? Just the coloration, though being able to add pet armor might also be fun.
  9. Those results seem about right to me. I always have the hardest time navigating Ice Planet and Infested Ship tilesets. The routes aren't very clear, and it's way too easy to get caught up on random protrusions.
  10. You didn't list the most reliable source for potatoes. Nightwave. You can get one every few days, maybe faster.
  11. I've got a reactor on every frame I own and a catalyst on every weapon I've ever enjoyed using, and I've still got 20+ each of catalysts and reactors sitting in my inventory. And I've never paid plat for one. Reactors and catalysts are easy to acquire at a steady rate, though if you're burning through content getting a bunch of frames and weapons all at once you'll probably have to wait a while to put a potato on each and every one. And I'm not sure I see how lack of access to reactors/catalysts really slows you down. Yes, it limits your arsenal of fully-modded frames and weapon, but the real roadblock there is forma, not potatoes.
  12. In the eternal pursuit of gomorefaster, to cross wide spaces (e.g. on the Jupiter tileset) I often bullet jump off a ledge, then jump out in operator form and void dash the rest of the way across the gap. Which works great, except that quite often while warping around in operator form I experience a fade-to-black screen as if I'd fallen off the map. But I haven't fallen off the map, and when the screen fades back in my operator is right where I left them (plus any movement I did during the blackscreen). I think what happens is, my warframe falls off the map while I'm in operator form, and that for some reason causes my operator to experience the blackscreen animation.
  13. Temporal Anchor is neat, but it's kinda hard to use. To use it well, you have to a) deal a lot of damage while it's up, and b) end it right in the middle of a bunch of enemies. It's also an "oh crap" button that you have to use several seconds (a lifetime in Warframe gameplay) in advance of when you'll need it. The other awkward thing about using it is that it throws you back to where you were when you cast it. Warframe is a game in which you're always moving forwards, moving back is almost always detrimental. My suggestion would be to have it somehow work backwards—like for the duration of the power, casting other powers adds their casting cost to your energy, shooting bullets adds rounds to your clip, reloading adds rounds to your reserve ammo, etc. That might be overpowered, so maybe it's just a percentage returned. You could explain it this way: when Protea casts Temporal Anchor, it's actually the end of a Temporal Anchor that she cast in the future. As you play, you're "rewinding" back to the point in the future at which you "really" dropped the anchor.
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