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  1. I mentioned database bloat because it was brought up as a concern back when people were asking for more customization slots. Given the volume of new customization options that have come out since then (including more customization slots), I think they've probably resolved whatever issue they were having. But it was a concern then, so I figured it'd be best to give a counterargument for it now, just in case.
  2. So here's something I'd be willing to pay plat for: the ability to separately customize dual weapons. For instance, putting different skins on each of your two Dex Furis, and color them separately. Likewise with melee weapons (DUAL ZOREN 4EVA). I know there's concern about database bloat with expanded customization options, and I'm sure there would be a lot involved in separating dual weapons in that way. So... make it pay for itself. I'm not sure if it would be better on a per-weapon basis or pay once to unlock it for all weapons—I'd prefer the pay once model, but I'd probably shell out for a few of my favorite duals. I'm sure there's other stuff this concept could be applied to, like maybe split customization for bows and quivers. Or separate energy customizations for different Waframe powers. There might be concern about giving paying players options that non-paying players simply don't have. This would be an alteration not just of customization options, but what customizations are even possible. Personally I don't see a lot of difference between this and something like Tennogen or deluxe skins—it's just another level of customization.
  3. Are more weapon types being added in the near or mid future? The lack of Tennogen bows and dual swords hurts my soul.
  4. I think I had it happen to me when my kuvaling died from Equinox Prime's Maim. I believe she died from the slash proc, not the burst. She's got a chakkhurr, so I'm not complaining.
  5. Yarp. But if enough people show interest, I expect they'll get added!
  6. How about some bow skins? And dual sword skins?
  7. Bringing up the railjack tactical screen (L) needs to show dome charge and munitions count. Right now the only way to check them is to either get into a turret/main gun, or interact with a forge. If I'm the engineer, I shouldn't have to go to the forge to see if I need to go to the forge. I should be able to check on all that stuff from the tactical screen.
  8. Yes, but you have to leave the dojo/drydock and go back to your orbiter. Which means if you're trying to run a group, the group has to break up if someone wants to spend points.
  9. The reduced mobility in conclave is a big part of why I'm not very interested in it. I wouldn't be super interested in it regardless, because I'm not much for PvP, but the main reason I haven't sat down and ground out the rewards anyway (just for the sake of completionism) is, I hate how hampered and slow I feel in Conclave.
  10. Ship supply. You start out with whatever they had when they launched. As a railjack owner... use it up, man. Don't waste it just to waste it, obviously. But I've got over 50k of each of the four resources, close to 100k on some. Running railjack missions will net both me and you more of those four resources than we'll ever be able to use.
  11. I think the drop rates need a serious buff. I'm 7/7/9/7, I've played a lot of Railjack. And yet the only reason I have a Zekti Bulkhead is, I broke down and bought one off warframe.market. Similarly, I have yet to see a single defensive battle avionic (active slot 1) drop. I've got two or more of every other battle avionic, but not a single slot 1 drop.
  12. I'd really like to see some Tennogen bow skins. The skin options right now don't really suit me—Dryad is cool, but doesn't fit my fashionframe. Possible to add bows to Tennogen?
  13. I think you may have misread. The Lichwave acts would be, just like Nightwave, doable in any mission. That's the whole point of the idea, that you wouldn't have to grind murmur missions.
  14. Players who don't have railjacks need to be able to use the drydock console to manage their intrinsics, as well as perform other railjack tasks. Making players spend 6 million credits, plus all the other materials, just for the ability to use the drydock console is too much.
  15. Well... why does there need to be a limit on this?
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