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  1. Warframe has always favored a timed-exclusive model. It rewards players who are there every day. Yes, that means it punishes players who aren't there every day, who take breaks, etc. But that's just kinda tough tipedos. Having a draw to entice players to stay is pretty important.
  2. If you get stuck on the liset loading screen while trying to enter a mission, the only way to get out of it is to alt+F4 and restart the game. All we need is a button that cancels trying to load into the mission and sends us back to our liset (or wherever we launched the mission from).
  3. I think blockgliding needs to return. Essentially, remove or alter the ability to switch from melee to ranged by hitting aim. Perhaps you could set it so that double-tapping aim will still switch to ranged, if people really want to keep the functionality. Personally, I think the ability to quickfire from melee to ranged is enough. If I need to switch from melee to ranged without firing, I can always use the switch weapon button. One of the problems with losing blockglide is that you now need a secondary weapon to use Movement 2.0 if you're carrying a datamass or other mission object. I often run without a secondary if I'm leveling up a primary and/or a melee, to speed up the leveling process. If I'm doing mobile defense or excavation, I have to be really careful to never try to glide while I'm carrying the mission object, because if I do I'll switch to my primary and therefore drop the mission object. On a more general level, losing blockglide means (obviously) that you can't gain the benefits of blocking while gliding. It can be very useful to glide towards an enemy while blocking, allowing you to close the distance accurately while benefiting from blocking's damage reduction. There's also the fact that losing manual blocking makes it difficult or impossible to pull off certain very useful melee combos. I know melee combos are going to change drastically SoonTM, but in the interim it'd be nice to get my Tempo Royale block combo back... and to not have my block combos go off randomly in the middle of a fight. I don't have any opinion on whether or not autoblock should remain, if manual block is returned. Maybe manual block shouldn't return; just remove the ability to switch to ranged by hitting aim and leave everything else as is. That would still leave the block combo issue, but honestly that's livable. Losing blockglide is a much bigger issue.
  4. Whoah, a new health class? Any info on resistance/vulnerability?
  5. That seems to be a function of the person who was transformed into the prototype of each frame. The Mirage Prime trailer shows that the person being operated on can somehow affect or control the final result. Mirage was intended to have a different set of powers, but the subject somehow changed them during the process of becoming the original Mirage.
  6. The powers actually seem to be inherent to the frames, not to the Tenno. If you read the Rhino Prime codex entry, the proto-Rhino that was running around had all of Rhino's powers, but wasn't being controlled by a Tenno until the very end of the entry. Have you done The Sacrifice quest yet?
  7. I could go either way. The problem right now is, it tries to split the difference between flight sim and flying Warframe. Either would be fine, trying to be both creates a mess.
  8. Now, to be fair, Itzal would be a popular choice even if skywing controls weren't super terrible. Itzal is, like, perfectly designed for skywing stuff as it's currently implemented. It moves fast, it can drop missile lock, and it's vastly more controllable than other skywings. I'd use Itzal for skywing even if it didn't have a teleport, simply because the ability to actually stop when you want to stop (by hitting 2) makes Itzal vastly superior to any other option. I've been complaining about skywing controls since they came out, but I was reminded of just how bad they are today when I hopped on a Dargyn to get my 10k achievement. Flying Dargyns is actually enjoyable. You can control where you're going, rather than having to circle the area for five dang minutes trying to scrub off your excess speed (or just hitting melee when you're in the vicinity and legging it the rest of the way). You know while I was flying that Dargyn I didn't hit the ground or another obstruction once? How crazy is that? Over eight klicks at top speed and I didn't bounce off a building or faceplant on a Sentient's discarded thighbone. The thing about skywing is, it isn't actually all that enjoyable. It's a frustration you have to put up with to keep up. Fixing skywing so that you could actually stop when you wanted to stop, so you didn't need three separate buttons to go forward, so turning worked more like a jetplane and less like a dead whale—this, would, at the very least, make other skywings a bit more attractive in comparison to Itzal.
  9. It's not strategy if there's only one good choice.
  10. Personally, I tank her duration (mine's at 17%) and just stack range and power. I use her 3 and 4 in short bursts, if at all, and just depend on Balefire's disgusting AOE damage and instant shield restore from her 2.
  11. Nothing is exclusive forever, but many things are time-limited exclusive. If things were exclusive forever, DE wouldn't be able to make money on them when they come back for short periods. And yes, even stuff that can only be acquired in-game generates revenue, by giving players something to play for. If nobody else is playing, there's nobody to show off your super exclusive stuff for.
  12. *shrug* You're welcome to feel that way, but exclusivity is a big part of Warframe's business model. Take that away, people stop spending plat, Warframe stops making money, game shuts down.
  13. Well, yes. Specifically, other people who haven't accomplished what I've accomplished.
  14. Hildryn is awesome, but she needs some help vs infested. Any plans for a look at her powers?
  15. Shield Pillage clears all status effects, you're supposed to use that to deal with toxin and slash procs. I agree with the rest, though.
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