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Extractor Crews: A Passive Resource Producer for Dojos

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The removal of the Solar Rails as a game mod and the derelict key system has left the Orokin lab in the Dogo largely unused. I am also sure that [DE] already has major plans in the works for how to reuse the space...but while we are operating in the dark about this, I would like to suggest that we use the space as a Dojo use only automated resource production platform, slightly akin to those silly worker placement mini-games that they have in browser based games, or Metal Gear: Peace Walker.

I am thinking it should work that all clan members are allowed to assign the automated gathers to collect resources and effectively "run missions" for the dojo, to particular nods of the star map, farming resources from the normal enemy drop table for use in dojo construction use only. All activities will have the chance of wearing down the extractor equipment, damaging the groups' lander, killing a crew member, or bringing a PVE assassination threat against the members of the dojo, prioritising the ones that set the dojo automated task.

Clan members donate resource extractors, syndicate crewmen from their Railjack, and unused lander parts to there clan, to be used in this mini-game. I am envisioning this more as a voluntary resource sink however, where the dojo automatically repairs/ rebuilds/ restaffs itself with base level extractors, junction crewmen, and Licets, but if players want to donate more valuable resources they want. It would only increase the efficiency of the auto resource collecting. The dojo will recieve an adjustable percentage "cut" of any rescources that remain after making repairs or hiring crew.

Crew members will have different attributes related to their railjack intrinsic.

*Pilots reduce the mission duration and increase loot capacity.

*Gunners reduce the chance of loosing crew members and increase crew morale

*Engineers reduce the the degredation on ships and extractors and reduce repair cost for crews they are on.

*Tacticians increase the chance of rarer resources upon sucess and decrease the amount of morale lost for failing a mission or losing crew members.

The sydicate assassins should be sydicate agent specters equipped with their faction' weapons and mods at a level equivalent to the dojo's level. They also should only spawn on missions hosted by clan members and ones containing the player that is marked for death based on that action. The enemies should also drop tier 5 items from those factions, but at a 0.01% drop chance rate, making it more efficient to just rank up in the clan or trade if you really want tue stuff. They also will probably fight in much the same way as how the Red Veil agents do during defection mission, either going directly after the target player, or by preventing advancement in the stage of a mission until they are defeated, as batlysts* sometimes do during mobile defence missions now.

I was mainly think of this a way that people that love messing around with stuff in the dojo could just focus on that if they wanted, without needed to farm in game themselves. As far as playtime/ game balance goes, I think this should only be able to collect common resources, no forma, or pigments, or special items needed for item research. Just miscellaneous items that any player probably has, but may not have enough of at the time. 

Thanks for reading,


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the derelict key's were never in the orokin lab, plus the keys are still useable as the derelict tileset was moved to Deimos with the vaults kept in.

also, do not add another resource sink... plenty of players who were drowning in resources are experiencing a mild drought from the consumer of materials known as the Helminth (PLEASE CHANGE BILE), so a second resource drain is not a smart idea, especially just after Deimos came out and most resources are gonna go into the Helminth.


52 minutes ago, Lukarith said:

but at a 0.01% drop chance rate

also this, NO, GOD NO! 0.01% IS AWFUL!!! the lowest drop-rate in the game I can think of is a 0.129% Nitain drop from the Wolf... also tier 5 rewards would always come quicker from actually swapping to that syndicate and ranking up instead.


also... people barely remember extractors and those can be accessed from a single button on the star-chart and much easier from the app... how the hell do you expect people to remember about the Orokin Lab when people only use the dojo for trading and occasionally to upgrade their railjack?

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Ok...one, this is intended to alleviate the resource sink that yhe Dojo is natively. It will produce resources at its own rate, you can just choose to sink time and/or resources in to increase that rate by building a little bit of managment infrastructure in yourself. By default though, it would produce a little bit of all resources, and maybe some credits without requiring any player to invest in it.

Two. Yes, I understand that derelict keys were not in the Orokin Lab since removal of Solar Rails. However, the orokin vault key for corrupted mods were no longer in the Orokin Lab when I went there last, meaning there is nothing that can be obtained through the Orokin Lab currently.

Three. It is rather narrow minded of you to expect that players wouldn't be the least bit interested in having fewer constraints to decorate or rearrange their dojo, especially in a game where the only thing ypu do with it is trade items. Further, no one remembers extractors, because they are inefficient and disrupt the flow of the normal game play experience. This application of them would extend their functionality and all players to have a new mini-game, with very few concequences if they choose not to mess with it.

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I actually never thought of this when I was posting my ideas at the beginning of this year, that are now archived. This is a good idea that adds Co-Op opportunity instead of just an after thought for Extractors. Maybe they can make Solar Rails into our own Star-Fortresses that we can protect and upgrade to fight against the growing threat of enemies we encounter as Tenno (players).

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I like the idea in concept. It sounds a lot like the marines system of X3 Terran Conflict, except with some variations to better fit the kind of game this is. That being said, I don't think that this kind of Railjack expansion does much for Railjack beyond convincing players that it is a passive experience, if I understand what you've written correctly. For most big clans, resource targets are some of the only things they have left to do and while, as you say this won't replace such activities, it kind've narrows the niche that this activity will suit.

If the automated crew were there to control a second ship during Railjack missions however, then we have ourselves a winner. As an avid player of 4x games, the idea of having a sister ship, or an entire fleet of greater or lesser craft out there with us during battle is something I can get behind.

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I apologize. I did find the vault keys in the Orokin Lab, along with the other solar rails research stuff.

The low drop chance of the item is to give the player something for fighting the player. Maybe increasing it would be a good idea., but it really comes down to how often you have to fight these guys. The players should not be ensentivized to piss of any of the syndicates, so a low drop chance is still acceptable in my mind.

The gameplay elements still need to be worked out..but I am thinking that it will be a risk/reward trade off. Degrees of mission failure and success will determine if your crew members die or are found out by the other factions. The probability of crew success will depend on crew compositon, mission command approaches, and support "infrastrure" modifiers. The base probability would be like that of a relic crack., with several bad, mediocre, and good outcomes. Each out come has rewards, the best outcome has only positives, no crew death, no equipment damage, plus the resource rewards and whatever bonuses that "operation" type would have. All other outcomes would count towards the "downtime" of the crew and equipment, or essentially the time between automated resource gather for the dojo. Investments players make, using dojo resources only, will grant other bonuses to lessen the negative outcomes, or improve the roll table for certain team compositions. Overall, it would being able to set your dojo to have a more rapid passive resource gain.

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