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Can one cat a kavat climbing tree decoration for the orbiter?


Hi all forum readers (and possibly devs),

I'm worried that my kavats can not do their species typical behavior during their stays on the orbiter. I mean, it's all fine and dandy if he/she is with me on a mission but sometimes I'm forced to not take them along with me for several days, even weeks, since I do missions with some sentinel, alone, or even with a kubrow.

So I think a kavat climbing tree is needed for he/she or they (in case there are several) for them to sharpen their claws, and even though going outside would be much better, something to climb on. But I haven't found such a decoration for the orbiter yet. Do they even exist in the game? If not, I think it should be added!

Even just some surfaces for nail scratching would be a first-aid. I'm afraid otherwise they/she/he will find some other surfaces to scratch on, such as the couch-like parts in my personal quarters. Obviously that will ruin the upholstery quite soon.

Hope there is some remedy for this (clear!) need!

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