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Best approach for Steel Path Disruption?



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Haven't really done a lot of those. But the usual, I guess: pile on with as much melee as possible. Additional things that help:

  • Nova's Slow
  • Something to remove shields, so Slash procs work actually, they work against Demolisher shields now, too. guess that changed with Revised
  • Magus Lockdown
  • Zenurik's Temporal Blast
  • Stack element procs that aren't resisted for Condition Overload
  • ... and a few other things that work against Demolishers, check wiki
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1 hour ago, Canach said:

Been struggling with Steel Path Disruption missions - How do you guys like to do this mission?

We usually 2-man + possible PUG.

  • Revenant (keep 2 up - Rolling Guard mod for when you're recasting - bonus points if you have Roar subsumed on him) - Inaros should work too in theory and would be a tad more mobile (you need mobility so frames like Nyx using Assimilate don't work so well as they're clunky around Demo null bubbles)
  • Heavy attack Redeemer/Stropha (Secondary attack to hit 5-6 figure damage even against Steel Path bullet sponges)
  • Magus Lockdown Operator Arcane (Immediately shuts down enemies around your void dash location)
  • Zenurik Focus Pool (Temporal Blast upgrade for Void Blast slows enemies)

Step 1 - Hunt the Demo unit

Step 2 - Void Blast & Void Dash the Demo unit to shut them down with Magus Lockdown and Temporal Blast

Step 3 - Back up so you're just outside of their red, null bubble radius, so your 2 doesn't get cancelled

Step 4 - (Roar, if you have it) Blast them in the face with Heavy Attack gunblade

I've been doing Steel Path completely solo (only Lua, Void and Fortress left to clear now), and this has been my strategy since they removed the Marked for Death interaction with Ash (which made Disruption utterly trivial), it's pretty easy to get all four terminals successfully defended using that set-up.

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I solo all my Steel Path, because I can never find anyone to play.

For SP, I usually go with Ash's Teleport finisher build with a hammer. For Infest disruption, some enemies can't be open up to finisher, I just use Mag or Mesa.

Ash is my prefer pick for SP because he can literally do millions of damage instantly on the demolyst. You do however, have to setup armor strip, combo counter, and prime target with some status. But after that its almost always 1 shot.

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Haven't gotten to high level SP disruptions yet, only been to Mars (bruteforcing that with melee was enough. At least much MUCH easier than trying the same during the event), but some points

1) Wisp buffs aren't dispelled by nullli pulses, and one of them is attack speed and movement speed. Ergo Wisp is really good at blendering demos.

2) When disruption first hit, I used Ivara to solo it during the event. Went fine up to circa 175-200 lvls (except energy drain modifier sucks and would suck double in SP since you can't spam pizzas). The main ideas were

- invis gives you stealth damage multiplier

- you don't have to kill regular enemies, so they don't respawn, so that new blip on the radar that immediately starts moving (ran lots of radar range mods) when you insert the key is the demo you are looking for. Also being able to quickly locate the demo is very helpful against bad modifiers (energy drain).

- lockdown + CO primer (used tigris prime for lots of bullets back then) + gladiator mods (bring helios with deconstructor) + redeemer prime (+ stealth multiplier) = LOTS of damage.

Now helminth exists, so you have some useful subsuming options to help - seeking shuriken (apparently should work on demos to strip armour),  Roar/Eclipse for more damage. Dispensary/Spectrosiphon for the orbs, Ensnare (as it's a good CC that works on Demos), maybe Smite - it's percentage damage and in ideal situation can nuke any lvl enemy in several casts. Ideal situation means enemy needs to be alone (not killing trash mobs so demos spawn alone helps), and defenses stripped so no DR at play (this strategy was used during the event for top scores). Though demos now have special DR, so needs testing if it still applies.

Also Octavia works as an alternative to Ivara.

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Regardless of what you could access and the gears you already have.

I went with saryn + magus lockdown + weapon with high status proc + redeemer prime

The core is to:
1) lock the demo in place with magus lockdown
2) use saryn + weapons with high and multiple status proc to stack status onto the demo
3) use redeemer prime heavy attack to melt any demo

The core builds:
Saryn - Long duration and range. Saryn is not the important role in this build, she could be replaced by any other frame. I chose saryn only because she provides 3 more status on enemies, and has relatively high survivability. I prefer frames with AoE/nuke abilitie(s) to get keys faster.

Weapons that deal high proc - it could be anything with high status chance. I am using kuva nukor because of its built in status, continuity in status proc, high fire rate and 200%+ status chance.  Ignis wraith is also a good choice.

Redeemer prime - Condition overload is the core. Other than that mod I suggest using heavy attack related mods and Corrupt Charge.

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I solo all Steel Path mission as well. Ash was probably best choice for solo disruption.

Hammer + Fatal Teleport or Seeking Shuriken + High Damage Melee.

This was before Helminth system.

Now you can just SlowNova + Seeking Shuriken (Augmented) or Mesa'4 + Seeking Shuriken (Augemtned).


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