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bit of an odd question as you are choosing 2 totally different weapon options.

however I Like the Aura Rifle Amp as it adds a layer of diversity to many frames that I like to play with. The bonus on rifles is useful I think in open areas and tile sets where you have to a lot of running from one point to another. . Small tiles sets and defense missions etc I like to use melee so want to load Steel Charge so that's where the aura forma comes in handy.

Dead eye is fine for selected missions only for my skill level with a sniper so not as versatile but if doing eidolon hunting I like to use it.

Some players have very fast reflexes and can use a sniper rifle in tons of missions to levels of skill where I hide in a corner and keep quiet. 😄 For those players Dead Eye is a great mod.

So both are good there is no which is better it is all down to the player their weapon choice and their skill.

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