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So it seems like the new war isn't completed in my codex



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TNW is an ongoing project, rather than a singular quest, in an attempt to make it seem more like an ongoing conflict. Albeit one that's received some pretty bad development roadblocks.

1: Corona limits access to Mocap (confirmed) and probably inhibits the accessibility of some of their voice actors or other behind-the-scenes stuff. We don't know to what degree this has had an effect, but this certainly isn't helping. Also, and this is less well-documented, but I've heard the added stress does not help a person's creative faculties, so depending on the individual people working on it, that may have had an additional effect. 

2: Deimos/Tennocon. Some way through 2020, the decision was made to re-schedule the Tennocon big show to something more realisable for the show to avoid the Railjack/Fortuna problems - in other words, Deimos. Of course, this meant that anyone working on TNW at the time was re-assigned to Deimos.

3: Railjack. Railjack has had a major prominence in TNW up to now, and we can expect it to in the future. However, it was not well-recieved, and I wouldn't be that surprised if DE is taking a major look at several systems and working on the project given the new schedule. If so, this will likely delay TNW, either directly or because they decide to re-jigger content to work in 'standard' gameplay instead.

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