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Hema release debacle aside, I constantly hear about how good a weapon it is. And how unique. So I suggest you try it out, even if just to get the MR out of it. See if you like it as a weapon, how it feels, and see if it's worth it for you.

Hema is not meta by any means, but it's not a bad weapon either. And since Deimos it's much easier to get mutagen samples, so I do recommend farming it now for those who couldn't be bothered before.

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Its a good weapon ,

can be modded for corrosive (or magnetic) , heat and viral with more than 90% status chance that will carry you though star chart and slightly beyond.

the gimmick is not bad (healing on headshots and using health as ammo) but since its a projectile weapon that fires in bursts it can be difficult to get headshots beyond mid range.

You can get a good build even with an OK riven.


But there are better weapons that can do more with fewer drawbacks,

like the basmu that is nearly a straight up upgrade to it.

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