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Here I will be posting batches of questions I have for the company/devs as well as long time players. Here is the first batch of questions and others are free to join in as well.

Why is the FOV capped at 90? What is the % chance of getting a 75% off coupon? What calculations go into coupons being given to people? When are Plague Star and Scarlet Spear coming back? Why are the two aforementioned events less prominent than Ghouls and Thermia Fissures? When will this year's Prime noggles be distributed? Will there be any discounts for Tennobaum? What are the planned events for Tennobaum this year? Will anything be going to the Zogg fire crisis that's affecting both your west coast US and CA friends? Will/did you do anything for essential workers that play the game? I am an essential worker within a code red risk zone and have heard of nothing being done from any of the games I play. Is there anything you can do for this? Also, why is Pablo not the head warframe ability specialist and Scott is? No hate on either side, simply asking. Pablo seems to be more popular with the community for his ability workings as well input for deluxe skins and the such. I sincerely hope you can do something for essential workers and if so, I'd love to be included in this. I hope to hear back soon, please stay safe during these chaotic times.

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I have a question for you: do you know how to paragraph? but to answer your questions:

- FOV is what it is, I think it is maybe something to do with how the game, for many years, was just closed tilesets of hallways and rooms, so there wasn't really any need for a wide FOV. but more options would be nice

- very slim, but it seems that if you avoid logging in for a few days, you have more chance of getting one. that seems to be the case for Market Coupons, can't comment on Plat Coupons as those are on PC.

- probably none, they are just random. today I got a 50% off, even though I had a 25% off not too long ago.

- Plague Star won't be coming back this year, that's for sure, we don't know if/when it will come back next year, same with Scarlet Spear. of the two I think Scarlet Spear is more likely to return since it has exclusives (Basmu and Ceti Lacera)

- Ghouls and Thermia Fractures are intended to be a repeating event to keep players on Open Maps form time to time. Deimos will likley get somehting similar, a new event that eventually starts getting repeated. I guess they're also easier to re-launch than Plague Star or Scarlet Sear, who knows. they couldn't let Scarlet Spear be too frequent thoguh or the arcane market would crash lol.

- no idea if we're even getting primed Noggles, DE seems to have totally forgotten about them.

- probably in the market, dunno about platinum

- no idea, we're still only in October and don't know if we're getting a Halloween event this year.

- doubt it, it's not even really in the news anymore, at least here in the UK, though they did one for the Australian Fires a while back.

- I don't think DE know how many people who are classed as Essential Workers there are playing the game, and it still likely numbers in the tens or hundreds of thousands: giving something to each of them doesn't seem feasible. while your work is of course greatly appreciated by the rest of society, I'm not sure you'll see any benefits in game.

- lord knows, since Pablo appears to be the only one at DE who gives a damn about the game sometimes. I'd love for him to get promoted and somehow have a better ability to call for reworks and such, but it's not our call to make. all we can do is hope he gets a chance to work on the things we need fixing.

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IDK how they would verify that anyone is an essential worker, have they ever given anything to anyone based on service?

Thermia Fractures area required component of the Exploiter Orb fight and access to Hildryn, so that's a nearly continuous event. Ghouls are just a reoccurring nuisance, not so much an event.

Scarlet Spear had a lot of bugs, and probably still does, they should revisit it more often though.

IDK what other answers you can get, most of this can only be speculated at and they will commit to as little as possible. 

As for helping troubled groups, they would launch a charity drive and offer items or badges to drive awareness and sales which could be directed to a charity, not offer rewards to certain players. As a Canadian company, the targets of their charities are typically local, and I doubt they're in a position to offer aid internationally. 

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