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Better Acceltra Riven - Mutlishot or Critical Chance



Messing around, rerolling my Acceltra Riven. 

Currently 6 forma invested- plan on going to 8, but in the meantime wonder which roll I should keep. Planning on Viral/Crit build.

+76% Toxin
+68% Multishot
-16 damage to Grineer


+96.7 CC
+56.1 Status Chance

Pretty sure I'm at 80% CC (not using hunter munitions

Neither are great, but I don't want to keep a significantly worse option while I'm rerolling for some better combination of Crit/Crit Damage/Damage.

EDIT: On a Direct Swap on Overframe the first one has about a 30k DPS lead (137k vs. 109k).

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The first one is going to have more consistently higher DPS than the second one. 

It isn't just a CC or Multishot comparison.

The first one also has a bonus to toxin damage which means you can more easily mod for effective elemental damage.

You're going to want to dump viral for corrosive+cold when going against grineer. Viral is most useful when you're applying the status proc but acceltra has pretty crummy base status chance so it is better to build for damage type effectiveness. (Using a primed bane mod would be pretty beneficial, as well).

The multishot also takes you above 100% multishot without vigilante armaments (making the burst and sustain DPS higher). 


The CC riven is just not as good. 96% CC is a fine roll but unless it takes you above 100% CC it doesn't offset the beneficial qualities of the first mod. 

The status chance on the riven is a junk stat. So the second riven only has CC, which is not that useful by itself. If it were CC and any other beneficial stat (base damage, multishot, CD, elemental, bane roll) then it would certainly be a better comparison to the multishot mod.

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