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Moframe of Mind 2020 Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Would You like to buy some Eco-friendly Wax for Your glorious Moustache?

Oberon's shop now taking bulk orders.

Hurry before the stock runs out!

Limited time only!

Submitting for unedited category.

The Shopkeep auxiliary.

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ujDdxUL.jpeg                                    The Magnum moustache helps push Mesa's attitude of a hard boiled gunslinger who will put a bullet in any grinner head.

Pic is unedited, made with captura

The gun being displaced and the moustache being blurred a both visual bugs that occur when sliding and then trying to take a photo via captura, I wasn't able to do much about it. 

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Keep it frosty Dad!

Unedited pic, generated by messing with captura settings only. Frost Prime with default Frost head, and matching vengeful chill ephemera. Our favourite FrameDad complements the majesty of "The Tusker" mustache to perfection!

Edited by VonMalefic
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Unedited Captura

"You dare challenge me ? I'm too metal for you !"

Inspired by duels from the 18th century. The devil sign with the hand wasn't in my mind but I think it's a welcome touch and it lets me make a joke with the material this skin seems to be made of. It is like if 2 different eras, 200 years from each other, were crossing.Warframe0001.jpg

Edited by Didjynn
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"If you wanna be a Villain Number One,
you have to chase a superhero on the run!"

Though he sports the Dastard mustache, I felt that Gauss most resembles the superhero Sportacus from Lazy Town. So with this in mind, I thought up of the idea to recreate a scene from We Are Number One! Totally didn't turn out cursed as hell, right? 

Very heavily and questionably edited using Photoshop.

Submitted to the edited category.

Edited by UpsideDownSmore
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