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Moframe of Mind 2020 Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Where to begin.

When I first looked over the moustaches on offer there where definitely a few good options, but my eyes only settled when they found "The Magnum".

As if lifted from the faces of Burt Reynolds, Sam Elliott or especially Tom Selleck, This focus of facial follicles would be my muse.

Now I could grandstand and claim I toiled for hours, Nay days to find the perfect frame for this debonair "Dad Stash", but in truth the answer was obvious... Excalibur Umbra.

With that said my picture imagines a timeline where Ballas isn't quite as vindictive, where rather than breaking free with revenge in his heart and nothing left to loose, Umbra awakens from a cryogenic slumber with an unbroken hope and the determination to find his family.

Name: "Hold on, ...", Type: Unedited (using only features available in Captura).ViCjrY7.jpg

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Mustache :

The Baron

Description : (Edited)

"Dialogue is a necessary Evil." - Fred Zinnemann

For my submission I used a variety of editing software's including Polarr (Further filter and fringing) , Photofox (Goblin Slayer eye flare) and Lens distortions (Light). I felt like the character Hydroid in my case (Hydroid Prime) fit the Mustache well, I also feel like the image gives off a dark and sinister vibe, "One must be prepared to do what's necessary to achieve prosperity". I used the colour scheme to my advantage to make the character seem somewhat old with the contrasting primary colours Red, Blue and Yellow for the lighting as a subconscious alpha personality.

AIBeehq.png Should the image come in bad quality I'll link the original image https://imgur.com/gallery/nkrgyO3



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I present, Steampunk Limbo! I tried to make him look like a high nobility in the genre with The Shopkeep stache.

Edit: This is my first time using the Forums so I had some trouble posting the image. The only way I could see it was to copy it and paste it in the URL. Oh, and it's pure Captura, no edits.

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The inspiration for this capture was a movie I saw a long time ago and enjoyed. This movie's name is Edward Scissorhands. I tried to reimagine Edward as an alien in front of an alien stary sky, rocking a manly mustache that he would have had.


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Moustache: Baron

Execution: Unedited (Captura Only)

Inspiration: Movember is all about men's health awareness, I wanted to create a homage to Red Baron (who died doing what he was best at) and his final enemy, Arthur Roy Brown (who died of heart attack) linking two important aspects of men's life - passion and health. I depicted Red MovEmber (ah these puns) in Red Elytron wearing Baron moustache to create a reference to main idea and create a piece with slight comedic relief.

Shot has been made in Deimos scenery suggesting fight with Infestation (here being a clear reference to multitude of diseases that Movember raises awarness about).

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Two Queens just chilling, Dastardly for using an exclusive frame and making it look fabulous peeving people off, Ticker Approves.


(Submitting for Unedited only in captura) 

Yas Queen *Snap*

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#moframe20209voYie7bz6g.jpgIt is said that the master's mustache can only be worn by those who have learned the true essence of cold weapons and can use them at an incredible level. I present to you the master of Umbra!
The image was not edited in any way and was just made in Kaptur.
Good luck to all and health!

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