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Moframe of Mind 2020 Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Descrição: Um Grande homem quando tem respeito, até o clone da sua alma tem bigode. O Bigode é um sinal de fortalecimento da evolução do Macaco para as terras de Warframe! " Respeito Duplo ao imperador". Ninguém melhor que Wukong para representar a honra como um ilustre jogador.

Bigode: Barão

Foto Não editada (Recursos de captura do jogo)

Boa sorte a todos!🐵


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my Picture is...

haha if u know "Don Ramon" from El Chavo del 8, u can identify my Frame with he...
This is Ron Damon Inspired!!! :)



Moustache: The Baron

Description: Sexy and Smart ;) This Picture was inspired on "Don Ramon" character from El Chavo Del 8 (ocho)



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Movenber is a community, making a difference in mental health and suicide prevention, meeting the highest levels of good practice in terms of transparency, accountability and governance. Growing a mustache will raise awareness of men's health for a good cause.



Mustache / bigote:

The boar




It is a style with a lot of personality and represents toughness and power, worn by bikers from the 70s and Tolkien's Dwarf race. And Hildryn wears her Moframe, guardian of the seas.

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