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Is chroma better then mag in terms of base damage health and shield


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DO NOT get rid of your mag at rank 10, you must rank her up at level 30, learn how to mod her and then you can judge.

Mag is a great damage dealer, restores allies shields and has a great damage area,

Chroma is a tank buffer that deals incredible damage, used especially against bosses.

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51 minutes ago, Kel_Silonius said:

-10 karma.

I lol'd.

But these guys are right, get your Mag to rank 30, learn how to mod her.  The reason for ranking up to 30 is that you will not receive any affinity for her unless you do.  Affinity is what levels your overall mastery rank.  Higher mastery ranks give you access to different weapons and quests.

When you've leveled up a bit more, try your hand at making platinum so you can buy more warframe slots.  There are tons of guides on how to do this.


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I personally would rank it up to 30 then trash it. It is easy to get later and it isn't that good because I am guessing you're a new player. You need some rare mods to mod her well. As of DPS and use at a beginner level, Chroma is the best choice. 

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1 hour ago, AlyxisPrime said:

The reason for ranking up to 30 is that you will not receive any affinity for her unless you do.  Affinity is what levels your overall mastery rank. 

Just to clarify / correct a bit here, Affinity is what you get from kills and clearing certain mission objectives.

Pieces of equipment gaining (enough) Affinity ranks them up, and in turn, each (new) Rank gives Mastery,
with Mastery finally being what increases your Mastery Rank (well, once you do the Mastery Rank test, heh).

2 hours ago, (XBOX)SolaR Assassin4 said:

Im crafting chroma but if I don't have an ooen slot

If you've come far enough in the game that you can craft Chroma (i.e. having reached and beaten the Sedna boss),
you can farm and sell stuff to make some Plat for a slot or two easily enough, I dare say.

Mastery aside, selling a Frame is not something I can endorse unless maybe you got the Prime already.

Mag is plenty strong (and IMO fun), providing a variety of effects and possible builds / playstyles,
while Chroma is kinda limited to a self-buff build to be truly effective, which, while certainly strong, just is less interesting to me, YMMV.

Mind, going by the topic title, you seem to be primarily interested in being able to tank hits I guess,
Chroma most definitely (once well-modded) will do more than fine for that purpose.

It's just, be aware that that's not the only (let alone necessarily best) way to handle enemy damage,
besides evading attacks you can e.g. deny them from happening in the first place, via mass CC / damage capabilities.

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-At minimum do like others have said,  Get stuff to Level 30 before u delete stuff for Mastery.   (keep in mind some weapons get used to make other weapons..)

-Your going to have to start doing it sooner or later... Start trading for plat.....the only advice I can offer here is to use CHAT FILTERS.  To only see stuff you wanna see.  As a low mastery prime parts are the easiest thing to go after and sell for plat.  But watch trade chat, see what people want and try to go after that stuff.   But 1 rare prime part = enough for a frame slot easy.  

-Your probably not even close to being ready for Deimos and the Heminth system.... I think its MR8 minimum anyways...  but later on which you reach this part of the game you sacrifice normal frames to unlock one of their abilities to use on other frames.   So I really wouldnt be tossing out normal frames until then....  Mag is pretty easy to get again though... its the ones from quests you should never ever toss out lol.  

Mag is pretty awesome tho.  She was my starter,  Used her for a very long time.   Her and normal Valkyr are huge benchmarks in my warframe usage boards.


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