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Is the Umbra Forma coming back to steel path honours?



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Oh ok, every 8 weeks I thought we could purchase as many blueprints as we wanted. That’s kind of a bummer was excited to actually use umbrals on weapons and redo my frame builds. Well I thought I was actually going to have some sort of endgame thing to do. Guess I won’t have much to do like I hoped.

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26 minutes ago, Scar.brother.help.me said:

could you link the source of that info? I see "8 weeks" a lot but can't find the source, probably there is more info there

"Teshin’s Steel Path Honors will now have a Weekly item for you to purchase! There are 8 items total, meaning that every 8 weeks the store will reset and allow you purchase anew. Look forward to things like an Umbra Forma Blueprint, Shotgun Riven Mod, and more!"


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