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Love of Star Days Contest [Winners Announced]!


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2 hours ago, BashDang said:

Virtual Valentinegrendelval.pngGrendel, Space Uncle and, Space Mom wishes all tenno a happy valentine's day!

Grendel will consume you with love (:

Edit: For those who are wondering how to put an image  go imgur.com (you can also use other places that do the same thing too) and import you image to there once done and on finale screen (where it tells you to name it) right click on the image and copy image address then you can click on the "insert image from URL" button on the forums (right side on the bottom when you are posting) paste in the URL hit "insert to post" and you got the picture in! 

love the cupid grendel!

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3 minutes ago, Hahahanope. said:

My Virtual Valentine

I tried to inset image from URL but it doesn't seem to let me, not sure why but maybe it's my browser's fault.


23 minutes ago, (XBOX)Zugies said:



Sorry, cant insert image, it might work idk

Try to open up the full pic onto a new browser page, copy the url and then select "Insert image from URL." 

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Swazdo-lah Tennos, this lil piece is in honor of my cat; Sandy, who was very dear to me. (I know kubrows are dogs but -)
Had a dream about her recently and realised how much I love and miss her so I woke up and decided that I wanna create something to remember her by.


Virtual Valentine

Here is my submission


Here is a picture of Sandy and I vibing to the 'This Is What You Are' soundtrack.


(apologies, it wouldn't let me Insert image from URL).


Have a nice Starday everyone and have fun with the contest :)



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