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Love of Star Days Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Throwback to the time I dragged you to take Titania-Oberon couple shots in the Silver Grove with me the other day. Thanks for introducing me to Warframe love. This is for the Physical Valentines category.




The Orokin text should be "With love" on the cover, who it's to on the bottom and "Now and always" on the 1st page for anyone who's curious.

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Physical Valentine

Note: This was originally drawn on a regular sheet of blank white paper then cut out with an x-acto knife, which was the first time I used one and took forever to cut out, then pasted onto a Valentine's Day themed back drop instead of the usual Cambion Drift sky. The backdrop is pink construction paper.

Happy Star Days and Valentine's Day Tenno!




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Physical Valentines category. 


Hope everyone is doing okay and feeling okay! My handwriting is bad and I am really bad at taking photos, so for anyone who is curious, the writing is as follows (in your best Cephalon Simaris voice!) Also its a pop up card! Though... kind of hard to actually show the proper effect, I should have probably thought about that when I started! 

"Hunter, you Exceed Expectations, you are far more lovely & Interesting than any Specimen in the Sanctuary!!"
"It may seem to Ordis that I had a Heart Glitch... an Infatuation and Appreciation for you Hunter!! I uh... was just protecting the Weave!"
"The Multitude of Creatures you have made Blush, would cry out in Thanks... If they could!"
"I knew we had a shared passion Hunter! Happy Star Days Tenno!"

(Sort of suspicious/sweet how easy it is to rephrase Cephalon Similaris words into heartfelt words of TLC right?)







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