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Does Anyone Have Something Good To Say About Spectra?



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I love the little bugger.

Works good for me, I like getting in close.


it has a short range But oh baby when i get in close everything dies.


try to see if you can find some game play vids of it in action. and my your call.


all reading will do is get you one sided opinions of the gun as used by what could be a disgruntled Frustrated Nerd.

or even worse, a functioning Metal lobotomy victim.


as for me I do like the gun, it works great, i love the dmg i can deal with it

(this is all My personal Opinion)

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It's not the worst weapon out there, but I can't recommend it. It seems a little better with multi-shot, but still. I guess it's not it's fault. It's just welding tool that had the limiters taken off. Imagine being in a firefight armed with nothing welding torch that has a little bit more oomf. Poor thing, it's out of its depth!

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I haven't used the spectra so I'll reserve ultimate judgement but I suspect to make the spectra good you have to try a lot harder both from a mods perspective and a gameplay perspective.


This is because weapons like this (serrated blade damage) really shine with a crit build against high level enemies due to armor scaling, and getting that close to a level 100+ enemy can be a bit hairy due to said enemy's generally obscene damage output especially at close range. I know based on my experiences that I definitely wouldn't be comfortable at all needing to get that close at 150 much less 230 where it feels like when they even look in your general direction you die. I say that as someone who mainlines the flux rifle and loves it to death, but the flux's range is on the ragged edge of what I'd be comfortable dealing with in high level situations, so a 40% drop is a huge deal for me at any rate.


That being said I suspect the base damage difference between the flux and the spectra isn't as big as you might think given the disparities between available damage and multishot from mods at max rank on both weapons (pistols get 220% + 180% multi, vs rifles getting 150% +90% multi), but I haven't mathed it out properly so I could well be wrong.

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It has less DPS than the starting Lato, shorter range than the Embolist, and ammo efficiency neatly as bad as the twin vipers. Being the single worst weapon in the game at everything makes it unique and unique is good right? ... right?

Denied. Embolist is hug range, Spectra is approaching spitting range. Therefore, I deny your range claim. That said, the difference is probably about 1-2 in game meters so it really doesn't matter.


I'm an Embolist lover but I used the Spectra for a while against Infested. Due to serrated blade it's good against the critters, cleaning them up decently, but, as many will point out, Flux does it better with better ammo economy. On the other hand, I'd prefer an Ogris or Ignis in my hands than a Flux almost all of the time, so a mutated, deranged, drooling, IQ rating -500 cousin of the Flux is, in that regard, somewhat worth using, however it's still mostly for mastery.


Embolist out performs the Spectra in Spectracular (see what I did there ;) fashion, so I wouldn't craft the Spectra unless you have spare weapon slots you want to fill, or mastery to gain.


edit: Forgot to mention Spectra is a straight line with no innate penetration, where the Embolist is an AOE cloud which makes it several times more effective when you need it to be.

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