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Magus Lockdown vs Kuva Guardians Glitch


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If Magus Lockdown is equipped, Void Dashing through a Kuva Guardian no longer disarms their staff to make them vulnerable.

It seems the animation priority is wrong, and they become animation locked before dropping their staff, thus they retain it.


Shouldn't this be reversed? Since a Guardian holding a staff is immune to abilities, Magus Lockdown shouldn't have any effect on them.

IE: void dash should make them drop the staff but remain active, and only then a Second Void Dash should make them Lockdown.

I believe that would be more logical for the immunity mechanics of Kuva Guardians as I understand them...

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1 hour ago, 16Bitman said:

This has been an issue since Day 1 of magus lockdown.

I completely gave up all hope for this ever to be fixed, but I hope you thread will do well and DE will notice it soon!

Oh they'll get to it eventually. Probably a fix that will come with The Duviri Paradox in 2025.

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I managed to record the perfect video showcasing this bug!



Notice how the first Kuva guaridan loses his staff instantly, while the other ones gets put "on hold" until lockdown expires, the guardian can't be damaged during this phase.

There are no other players present in this mission that could've possible disarmed the 2nd guardian.

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