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PSA: Console Twitch Drops [RESOLVED]


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Hello Console Tenno!

Due to some code changes in the most recent Console Update, the Twitch Drop fulfillment on our end has broken for console players (similar to what occurred on PC).

We have a fix in the works! Good news is that once the fix goes live, a Relink will provide you with the Twitch Drop items you've claimed via Twitch.

We will update this post when the fix has been made.


1:43pm ET Update:

We have hotdropped a fix for all consoles! If you were affected by this, please Unlink and then Relink your account at https://www.warframe.com/user

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I haven't yet downloaded the update today, but I did claim the Grab bag from the stream this morning (On Twitch's end). Since Twitch drops 2.0, I haven't had any issues with claiming or receiving the drops from various grab bags / TennoCon, etc., so this is surprising.


I won't be able to get in-game yet until later today, but out of curiosity should I still unlink & relink the Twitch account to my Warframe account, even though I haven't attempted to receive today's Inbox message yet? Or is that claimed grab bag safe as long as I don't log into Warframe before the fix is live?

  • For now I'll play it safe, and not log into either until after the fix of course. But I wasn't sure if relinking would be needed if you haven't gotten the inbox message from Teshin upon logging into Warframe, basically.
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