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A brewer/caster frame


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My frame idea is pretty vague but the idea of a frame that, instead of having just 4 pretty decent abilities, has 4 abilities that can combine together to create different affects. So pressing each ability and combining them 1+2 or 3+1 or 4+2 will create an interesting affect. And pressing and holding one of the abilities will apply that affect in a certain way. So if, let's say, her/his 1 and 2 create a field of corrosive energy, you could choose to place that field on yourself, create a defensive area with it, or apply it dirrectly to enemies, or it could affect teammates. I was thinking about how the oblivion spellcrafting system works and thought it would be interesting if applied to a frame. Less overpowered though.

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20 hours ago, (PSN)SHINOBISERPENT said:

it takes you away series 11 GIF by Doctor Who

Gotta love the narrow mindedness. Like where did they get merging elements from your merging abilities concept? 

I was literally picturing like 4 abilities that can merge to form like 4-6 new abilities of similarity. 

Like imagine if Excalibur could extend the range of melee weapons. Combined with his exalted blade, he summons an exalted galatine blade. 

That’s the sort of ability combinations I was picturing. But then of course, somebody posted Lavos that has nothing in common with what you said. Lavos is closer to chroma considering his element merging ability alters how his other 3 abilities affects the enemies. If I wanted to play that narrow minded game. 

But moving on, I’ve been picturing more synergy between warframe abilities. Like activating one will slightly alter the others in a way to enhance them. To make the entire kit useful, not just 1-2 of their abilities. Like if using ice wave on snow globe causes the globe to shoot spikes from the inside of the walls, piercing all the enemies inside the globe. Those who survive suffer instant freeze. Casting the first ability onto the globe in that state will deal extra damage to the now frozen enemies. 

Just stuff like that. Which this concept makes me picture using ice wave and snow globe at the same time would create a spiky snow globe. Using Freeze and Ice Wave will create a giant spike ball that can freeze a much wider radius. Don’t know exactly what you meant by ability merging. But that’s what I’m currently picturing if this was applied to other frames. 

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This idea actually sounds awesome , and it's what I imagined Lavos will be like before his kit was revealed.

Let's say if all 4 abilities interact when cast along side other abilities , we have 6 "real" abilities at base , 12 if order matter , even more if they interact with themselves , and player have to pick the best combo for their situation .

I actually create a frame concept softly base on this idea , and it's a fun though experiment.

So yes , DE please make a frame like this.


P.s. I hope my math is right.

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yes, lets expect DE to make frames WITH AN ENITRE CONTENT RELEASE SIZED PILE OF MECHANICS... seriously... what the hell?

look at every concept like this... they get ignored... you want new frames? consider the ones that have been put into the game,

the refinement, the simplicity, the omg that's actually cool, new and not broken as f, long before DE even considers it.


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