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The New War: Hotfix


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Hi DE,

Hope y'all are well. It's been a few hot fixes in now and since the release of new war content there has been an issue with calibans first ability. Which is when used and enemies are killed by it items like engery orbs, credits and other various items get "stuck" to him whilst he is spinning and essentially aren't counted as picked up. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this but it's rather annoying. Anyway, hope y'all see this soon! 

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Predasites can be killed with weapons and be still claimed for Conservation. Kinda defeats the purpose in itself

Velocipods when tranquillised above Cambion rivers sink below the surface of the "water" making it impossible to claim them for conservation.

Warframe gets damaged when you approach downed velocipod. When you come close to velocipod, shield are gone, then when you click to claim the velocipod another set of damage is applied to warframe, which takes away your replenished shields/or kills your warframe if no instant shield regen is available. And then when you exit the claim window, 3rd set of damage is applied to your warframe, which for sure kills it (if you manage to survive first two invisible attacks).

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