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Stayanax needs some tweaks


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I had been thinking about this ever since i got Stayanax a few days ago and i believe some stuff needs to be said including a bit of history and suggestions, Spartan Hoplites didn't throw their spears as they were 7-9 ft long(greek Spartan name for spear was Dory, look it up) for impaling enemies and enemy cavalry with their Phalanx spear and shield lines, they were trained in the Phalanx Formation more than throwing a Javelin, I think his last ability should/could be this, a spectral line of Stayanax in Phalanx Formation thrusting the spears forward impaling and ripping enemies to pieces, yes the spartans helped to create the Javelin (Iaculum Greek Spartan name for Javelin took some searching to find the name) but their main weapons of choice was the 7-9 ft long Spartan spear and round Spartan shield (greek Spartan name for Shield was Aspi or Hoplon) and the Spartan Xiphos Sword(greek Spartan name for Sword is Xiphos dependent on ancient greek era) or Kopis (greek Spartan name for Sword dependent on ancient greek era) in case they lost their Spear, they were also trained to NEVER lose their shield as their armour was for their own protection but the shield was for the protection and betterment of the Phalanx line, so personally I think instead of making a new exalted weapon (even though it could be awesome) make a 7-9 ft long Spartan Spear and Spartan Round Shield melee weapon that is his signature melee weapon and he deals bonus damage in the Phalanx Formation Final ability if he has it equipped as it doesn't make sense for a Spartan to throw something (that being a Javelin) all that often as their main training wasn't in javelins but in spears and the Phalanx Spear and Round Shield line as i stated above so i hope that this can be changed as I think it would be more fun with an ability (maybe even some others being altered to match what Spartans actually were) that makes you feel more like a super powerful Spartan warrior

Oh and one more thing, the default helmets unfortunately look really bad and nothing like a Spartan Hoplite Helmet, a Spartan Hoplite Helmet goes from the lower back of the head to the top of the forehead so perhaps alter it or make a new one that actually looks more like a Spartan Hoplite Helmet or who knows maybe someone in the community might make one for tennogen or something as that'd be awesome

Please at the very least be respectful in your responses as theres no point to negativity in a place for us players to share our ideas and suggestions, thanks and have a great time playing Warframe as i definitely do

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