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Cooperation as reduced



Guys is it me or anyone else think that players used to be more friendly before i mean i got bored and left this game like 4or 5 months and then i returned in this month and in every chat server i asked and plead to help me farm voidplumes no one ever even gave a comment or reply

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Maybe I'm just jaded but in my experience anyone asking for something like that in chat is, again IMO, just looking to be carried or AFK while others do the work. Been playing this game too long and seen it too many times. Any request too party up for anything that isn't 'more traditionally' a party sort of thing(Tridolon, Index Farm, Proft Taker Farm, etc) always comes off that way too me. And given that Angels is now sort of 'dated' content I imagine most just want to treat it like every other mission and blitz through as fast as possible leaving things like Medallion/Plume farming to groups of friends or solo level activity.

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Not to mention Zariman is a craphole where people self extract as hosts and screw others out of rewards. 

But yeah like Lucian said if people were capable of doing the content they would just join a public match,  which for popular stuff like zariman should have plenty of people running it.   You asking to group up just screams  "carry me" .   


Me personally (ps4) I love zariman bounties.   I would gladly help people do bounties (quill/pinion farm).   I would be totally fine with you hunting for plumes while I do the missions even.   I would NOT be very patient if you want to hunt plumes when the mission is over however.

If you need crests/vane plumes thats best done solo in extermination/mobile.   


I need 12 quills/ 1 crest? / 1 down plume PER DAY!!!  All my pinion plumes go towards kuva lol.   But I have every weapon/arcane/captura from zariman but I still need more standing to buy more stuff lol.  

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1 hour ago, (PSN)AbBaNdOn_ said:

I would NOT be very patient if you want to hunt plumes when the mission is over however.

I was once randomly grouped with a couple of friends in a Syndicate mission who were adamant to look for all 8 medallions, whereas I could not justify the time, nor did I need that much rep.  Alas, since I was the third wheel and the only one at the exit, I could not extract, so I had to help them find all the medallions.

Ever since then, I run Syndicate missions solo.

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