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x100 Air Support Charges Blueprint please


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Ever since the Parallax was released I've been using them every mission.

For over a year the Parallax air support was free, so I luckily never had to craft them!

But with a fairly recent change it consumes a charge now too.

I'm not asking you to make it free again, but please add a x100 blueprint like you did with restores for this one too.



It would've been cool to just tell me you don't want this topic bumped instead of deleting half of the other user responses along with my bump posts.

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Absolutely needed feature. Since Air Support became actually useful (with Kahl Beacon and Orokin Eye) I'm spending at least 1-2 charges per mission and crafting them in packs of 10 is just painful.

But honestly, most air support types need a review. Med-Tower, Carpet Bomb, Sentry Gun and Dreamers are absolute garbage not worth of using at all. And only Override can be sometimes useful, but still never better than Kahl Beacon and Orokin Eye.

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1 hour ago, RyllusPurple said:

Are you worried that DE multiply the plastid cost by ten and raise the barrier to newer players? 7000 plastids isn't quick to come by.

... nobody is asking for the current 10x BP to be replaced.

This is about adding a further, 100x one.

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