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Hotfix 11.6.1




- Drakgoon now uses shotgun ammo instead of rifle ammo.

- Tweaked Drakgoon sound effects.

- Adjusted scaling of enemy levels in Defense missions to become more increasingly difficult at higher waves (70+).

- Increased default waypoint lifespan to one minute and increased lifespan for Mod waypoints to 2 minutes.




- Fixed custom colors not being applied to Drakgoon.

- Fixed crashes that could occur when changing graphics quality settings or resolutions.

- Updated network analysis to check that both network ports are mapped correctly (it would previously have only verified the client port).

- Prevented being able to consume your last remaining Warframe Ability mod when using Transmute.

- Fixed mods such as Coolant Leak not being transmutable and also triggering the safety net that prevents from fusing away your last one.

- Fixed Fusion Cores being eligible for Transmute when selected in first slot.

- Fixed Capture alert missions not working as intended (would pick a random mission type when launched).

- Fixed Raptor missing from Corpus boss kill stats.

- Fixed various gameplay crashes.


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Shame that you didn't adjust the Drakgoon a little more.

It will still be kinda strong, although not having unlimited ammo anymore.


Speaking of ammo, when are Ogris/Penta getting special ammo instead of rifle ammo? 

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Happy about the waypoint lifetime :)


But like other I seroiously think you should do something about harvester. Also regarding that everyone seems to agree that it seems you changed something regarding him in 11.6 because previsouly while filling certain condition we were certain to get harvester if we farmed long enough. Now Most of the time we get Stalker while doing exacty what we were doing before 11.6. I'm wondering if you changed something on purpose or if it is a side effect of the change you made in EElog


Also We often have an empty Deathmark in the log and we have no idea what it means or if it's normal at all 



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