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The Next 2.0?


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Stealth 2.0 isn't going to happen. They have said several times that they can't just cut the game open and stuff some stealth into it. It needs to be added over time with other new systems through incentives to not be seen/heard. IIRC Rescue is being updated and will include some stealth aspects.


Infested ships 1.0


Infested 2.0

+ Player Hubs 1.0 (a.k.a. Grouping 2.0)

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Balance 1.0 and hopefully Parkour 2.0.


I don't mind not seeing new shiny weapons or accessories every other week. I want DE to sit down and take the time to properly discuss how to balance what is already in the game before adding in new content. If anything, I'd rather see a new Tenno Reinforcement once a month instead of once a week. Use all that spare time to properly test what will released and not give us things that have been half-assed. Fixes aren't the problem, rushing is.


Even though you need players to populate the game, DE should not be at the beck and call of every whiner and crybaby over every little thing. The most important thing for DE is to prioritize the game itself. The players who understand such a process will thank DE for it.


Obviously that won't happen but I'm trying to stay hopeful.

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A.I. 2.0 is far too big for a single update, so it's likely going to be bits and pieces added every now and again.


Stealth 2.0 (inb4 Stealth 1.0 jokes) can only be completed if the A.I. can handle it, so I don't expect that to happen any time soon.


So, the closest I can guess is Movement 2.0, which encompasses movement of all kinds, including parkour and pathing.

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community 2.0  and moderators 2.0 would be nice


its pretty bad

If everyone read, understood and followed the Community Rules and Guidelines then there wouldn't be a need for community moderators. :)


That being said, if you have any complaints in regards to how the community moderators conduct themselves, you're welcome to submit a Support Ticket to file a formal complaint.

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