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What Would Be The Number 1 Troll Abilities In Warframe?


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I don't know, Hydroid spamming undertow for 30+ seconds completely stopping any sort of fights with Ruk on Saturn is, pretty tough to beat.

I've done that by accident when trying to hit another ability... Yea, I could see this being the ultimate $&*^ move when it comes to boss fights for sure.

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Nothing is better than bounce in trolling.

Wormhole can do the same but with much less lulz.

ST and ripline are not comparable at all barring pull people into their own rockets or pentas.


Then there is undertow.

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Switch and Rip Line at least offer some sort of support on a good player.

Bounce can work the same way if you place it tactically allowing others to jump on high platforms quickly. But atm i'm asking which would be the number 1 troll, if you choose to apply it that way.

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1st ability: Ripline (make them fly when they dont want to)


2nd ability: Bounce (for obvious reasons)


3rd ability: Snow globe (used to block fire and combined with bounce making impossible to enter)


4th ability: Grineer commanders switch teleport, leaving tenno looking around themself like a lost child for 3 seconds


Fun fun tee hee!


PS: If you are a troll I wish you to be penetrated by pointy objects in all body openings that happen to exist in your immedeate surroundings.

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