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New Contest: Codex Art Refresh

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It’s time to refresh and expand our Fan Art section of the codex! We’re presenting you with a theme- a moment. You can interpret this in any artistic medium you wish. Photograph, Garry’s Mod, art, clay, etc!



A Tenno Awoken- You've finally been called to the fight. Are you prepared? Have you awoken in a free-fall state, or do you open your eyes to the burning sun surrounded by forests? Are you face-to-face with an enemy, or among your fellow comrades? You decide!


How to enter:

Post your theme-inspired art in this thread for judging! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box as you depict your masterpiece!



Upload your image to imgur.com, copy the BBCode, and paste it right into your submission post.

Check this thread out if you have trouble posting your image.



One submission per user.

Image must relate to the theme given (A Tenno Awoken).

Must be Warframe related and appropriate for the community forums.

Must be your original work- please don’t use other people’s images.

The image must include your alias.

Entries can be in your native language.

Do NOT reserve posts in this thread.

Any submission that doesn’t follow these rules will be disqualified!



The top 5 submissions, chosen by DE based on creativity and awesomeness, will be put into the Codex!

1st place- 1000 Platinum

2nd place- 750 Platinum

3rd place- 500 Platinum

4th place- 250 Platinum

5th place- 100 Platinum


The contest starts today, Friday May 30 at 12PM EDT, and closes Thursday June 12 at 12PM EDT.




*We're very thankful for the art we've received so far. Old Codex Art images will remain in-game so we can continue to praise the communities awesomeness! 


Good luck, Tenno!

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What does a Tenno dream about? I wonder, long lost missions, the thousands of kills, or perhaps the adrenaline before a mission. Often when you wake up you get bits and pieces of the dream.


Ash dreams of a mission past.





had to add my IGN to the picture

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I'm pretty sure this won't make it in cause I"m using all in game render screen shots and existing wallpaper, but I thought you'd all might enjoy this edit.




Also did a few 'live action' pictures, to put actor faces to frames I felt were appropriate...


not done with the set yet of course...


Click here to see Slideshow

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You awaken from your Orokin chamber. As you stand up you notice you are surrounded by nothing but sand and heat, there is nothing here but an arid wasteland... suddenly you hear something approaching from the direction of the sun. A dark figure now stands on the sand dune in front of you. Wake up Tenno



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I've made this pic a while ago with this intent in mind, sorta. I love Valkyr's concept and background, and sometimes when I play her I can't help but wonder how she feels, what she thinks. I imagine her waking up in a Corpus outpost, angry and scared, and after breaking her bonds she goes outside to find her whereabouts. Despite the frozen mountains the sunshine warms and comforts her...




Don't know if it works for the contest but thought I'd share anyway :)

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It's always nice to start your journey with your allies.


Edit: Since a lot of people seem to like this, I'll add the full size version without text so you guys can have it. Also fixed a couple minor details. To the Judges, the first one is still my submission to be judged since it was there first. I hope this doesn't disqualify me for some reason.




Edit 2: It looks like a lot of other people are coming back later to fix minor details, so I figured I'd do the same with V.2 of my image. If this violates the rules, then image #1 is still my main one. However, if this is acceptable, having this higher quality version as my submission is preferable.



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When you awaken from a long sleep, you may not have the best time...

Forgot to add my alias so I put it in a hurry using paintbrush ;_;
Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with it. 
I've also hidden 3 Warframe in the image besides from the 2 obvious ones. 

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