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I'm merging threads. And hoping for a brief reprise from all of the threads to go grab some lunch.


You sound frustrating by doing that. I'm so sorry.



Playing hearstone 


What is this game about?



About to eat lunch. I've been sitting here for over an hour watching the threads and chat in-game.


Hehe, I got off of the game because the region chat was mainly about the whole situation. Kinda tired of hearing it honestly.



sippin on some cuarenta y tres.

playing some swordsman online (PW arc)

ironic isnt it?





I made breakfast... Watched Looney Tunes, took a shower. Now listening to Estas Tonne while reading forums.


Love that show even when I'm old now still love the old cartoons.



Editing a video for my YouTube channel. Feel free to visit! http://www.youtube.com/user/nearlydedicated


Most of your videos are about Warframe. Interesting.

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I probably laugh more at them now than I did as a kid lol.


Yeah, I understand that. Hehe.


Herstone is a card game from blizard, i play it while listening to music, lsitening to english stuff and while waiting for something to happen


Ah, I see. 

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