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Riptide (Ooc, Only Grineer Currently Being Accepted)


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Hello! Long time forum rp'er here, but this is my first post in this particular sub-forum. After playing Warframe for quite a while and recently discovering that there was an rp section, I decided to try my hand at some space ninja fun! That said, here's the basic premise:

Deep beneath the slate grey oceans of Earth, a long-kept secret slumbers. With the enemies of the Grineer focused mainly on the high-profile Councilor Vay Hek and his flight from the pursuing Tenno, a comparably small contingent of troopers and scientists has gone almost unnoticed as they toil away under the waves.

A sect of Sargas Ruk's artifact hunters, this group has discovered something of huge promise, something that could propel the Grineer empire to a position of dominance in the three-pronged struggle for power in the Origin system. Intel is very limited on this mission, as it is highly-classified and encrypted through cycling transmission frequencies through the Grineer network. Not only that, non-local transmissions to the Queens are very rare, so it is by pure luck that anything was intercepted at all by the Lotus.

All that is certain is this: the artifact hunters must be stopped, their base of operations destroyed, or the Tenno may suffer a setback from which it is impossible to recover...

So! I've always wanted some kind of aquatic environment in Warframe. While I'm still waiting in-game, that doesn't mean my imagination can't take me there in the meantime! Basically, this will be an adventure thread with both conventional enemies, tactics, and weaponry in addition to a fair few things we Tenno have never dealt with in-game. Suffice to say, most Orokin and Tenno gear is not adapted to underwater combat, though their short-term viability in the vacuum of space does allow for possible modification to suit the environment.

Rules and Notices:

1. This will be a fairly involved and lengthy thread, so long as interest in it continues.

2. Quality of posts: I don't expect books or anything, but no one likes one-line responses. Please try for at least a paragraph or two. If it's hard, add some detail like surroundings! Please also use spellcheck. Errors will obviously occur, but it's a quick and free tool that makes reading your contributions so much easier!

3. Quantity of posts: Middle of the road again. If the thread has a naturally fast pace that's fine, just know that others may not post as often as you'd like and I'm going to respect those that can't post 3 times a day.

4. Respect your fellow rp'ers. No god moding/metagaming, obviously. Please respect a previous participant's post if it directly affects something you're talking about in yours. Just use common sense and courtesy here.

Sign-Up Form:






Typical Loadout:

Preferred Role in Group (I.e. Front Line, Disruption, Sniper, Assassin, etc)

Reason for Being Chosen for Mission:

Unique Traits:

Keep in mind, this is a spy cell being sent in to disrupt and destroy. I'm planning on four players, though if enough people are interested I might add one or two more or even a second, separate cell.


If you have any questions, ask! I'll post my sign-up below.


Tenno Insurgent Cell:

Ari Maruyama- Hydroid

Keitel- Ash

EAmorr- Ember Prime

Geoffrey Kuribayashi- Frost

Codename: "Valkyr"

Loke Polinsk- Loki

Mother- Trinity

<Transmission Encrypted- Ancient Orokin Cipher Required>- ????

Ruk's Forces:

Klara eth Mayij- Ballista

Trahk Derhan- Elite Lancer

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Name: Ari Maruyama

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Description: Of medium height and build, Ari is well-toned physically as her calling demands. She has rather pale skin from spending so much time in warframes and indoors, or even underwater. Her raven hair is short, only coming even with her jawline in a tapered, angled cut. Her focused hazel eyes seem intense at first, but are disarmed by the easy smile she often wears.

Warframe: Hydroid

Typical Loadout: Ari often utilizes a torid, sicarus, and nami for conventional missions. She does, however, have an aquatic operations loadout of a modified attica and orthos.

Preferred Role in Group (I.e. Front Line, Disruption, Sniper, Assassin, etc): Disruption

Reason for Being Chosen for Mission: Due to her history of incursions to Earth and her familiarity with the Hydroid warframe, not to mention her amphibious ship, Ari is well-suited for getting the task force where they need to go.

Unique Traits: Nothing spectacular, although she has considerable force of will and can often pull through tough situations by perseverance and determination alone.

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Hey there!


Since you mentioned for Grineer character, I think this will be a great chance to try it out.

I hope this character fits the story.




Name: Ahm de Rahet

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Warframe Class: Grineer Bombard

Typical Loadout: Auto Targeting Ogris (AT Ogris)

Preferred Role in Group: Marksman


Description: Ahm is a Grineer Bombard that has much smaller figure than the rest of his kind. However, that has never hindered him to become a heartless killer. In the past, he was once summoned to support a shipyard in Ceres where a Grand Master of Tenno has been breaking into Ahm's shipyard in Nuovo for a few hours. Eventhough he was able to force the Tenno to leave Nuovo, Ahm was heavily wounded on his right eye, making a crack on his face and changing the color of his eye.


Reason for Being Chosen for Mission: Ahm has long been watched by General Sargas Ruk because of his astounding achievements in defending Ceres on multiple occasions and praises from the ruler of Ceres, Lieutenant Lech Kril.


Unique Traits: His experience in war has made him taken an interest of other faction's technology; secretly, Ahm owns a Penta he looted from his Tenno victim, eventhough it only has 5 bullets left.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Ah, to hell with it. Even if this is my first time roleplaying on a forum, I've done it in chats for a long time so what could go wrong? Besides, got to keep up the Swindle-Loki-helmet-profile-picture-trend we have here so far.


Name: Keitel (pronounced 'kay-tell' - whether it's his first or last name is unknown).


Gender: Male.


Age: 24 (biologically).


Description: On the outside, his Warframe is equipped with a Scorpion helmet and is modified for the underwater environment by having extensive armour plating over his body (effectively the armour on a typical Ash's arms, but spread over the entire body with the immortal skin pattern). Coloured predominantly dark grey with blue highlights to camouflage into the aquatic scenery, his appearance fits the class of assassin well.

On the inside, he is light-skinned (most likely due to extensive time inside his Warframe) with decently long platinum-blonde hair and similarly grey eyes. Though he spends the majority of the time silent or quiet, he is strategic and analytical to a high degree during confrontations and won't hesitate to talk to his comrades. During the times when he isn't quiet and isn't in combat, he remains slightly distanced from emotions - not uncommon for a Tenno, but more distant than most.


Warframe/Class: Ash.


Typical Loadout: For the operation, he brings a Latron (for out-of-water encounters), Ballistica (capable of firing underwater with ease) and Fangs despite his preferred loadout consisting of a Paris, Aklex pair and the very same Fangs.


Preferred Role: Assassin (though his gear is intended for the unconventional conditions of an aquatic environment and thus unsilenced, he is still capable of silent takedowns.)


Reason for being chosen: His advantage over many other candidates was his skill in tactics, strategy and co-ordination. When he is involved, failure is a rare option.


Unique Traits: Strategy is his main point, on par with some of the higher-functioning Grineer Generals.

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*sees Swindle Lokis*


*turns and leaves*
































Nah jk. Will watch for a bit and twiddle my thumbs while I ponder on whether or not to get involved in another RP. I don't usually RP as Warframes in Warframe RPs myself =(

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Name: EAmorr

Gender: Female

Faction: Tenno

Age: 22

Description: She is capable of using any of the warframes designed for females although her favorite one to use is Ember prime. When her helmet is removed her tenno markings consist of flowing swirls that frame the sides of both her eyes as they trail down her cheekbones and disappear in her armor as it continues down her neck and onto her back. Her personality is rather typical for a heavy ember user, a bit of a hot head and extremely stubborn, however she is very passionate and has a strong sense of trust in others.

Her usual loadout consists of the Soma, DexFuris, and the fang.

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Name: Geoffrey Kuribayashi, usually nicknamed Cowboy or Blizzard


Gender: Male


Age: 30 (biologically)


Description: Standing at five feet eleven inches, he is surprisingly short for a man who dons the Frost warframe, though his athletic and wiry build make him surprisingly agile as a result, even if he still is slower than the average frame in regards to speed. He has short dark brown hair and eyes, with a five o clock shadow on his face if anyone ever gets to see under the helmet. He also has a thin scar on his left cheek, which is actually so thin only rather observant people can catch it. Surprisingly he has a mild tan on him, primarily due to a fact that he had an occasion where he was left on a desert planet for months and was never really able to lose the tan after he was able to get off-planet.


Warframe/Class: Frost with Squall helmet


Typical Loadout: A beefed-up Braton assault rifle, a pair of Vasto revolvers (aka the Akvasto), and his Dual Zoren’s. While he doubts his fireams will be of much use in water, Geoffrey already plans on using his frames abilities to fight back if such a case arises


Preferred Role in Group: Usually does a combination of front-line and support work, though would best be considered an unconventional fighter, a defensive tank that soaks up hits and sends them right back at his enemies and pulls out every trick in the book to be the victor of a fight.


Reason for Being Chosen for Mission: Geoffrey was informed of the job and due to the combination of recognizing the group had a slot to be filled, his interest in dealing with such an unusual environment, and his wish to try himself out to a “challenge” for once, he gladly signed up.


Unique Traits: A fairly stubborn individual, he also tends to be an unusually good shot with firearms, as well as being willing to pull some rather suicidal risks to save a teammate. He has also incorporated ambidextrous control surfaces to his Braton due to being a left-handed individual.

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Alright, so we have an Ash, Ember, Frost, Hydroid, and Bombard. Front line, disruption, and raw power for the cell, terrifying rockets for the Grineer. I'll edit the original post with the roster.


Would you all like to go ahead and start and more can join in, or would you prefer to wait?


Also if we only get one sign-up on the Grineer side I'll post a trooper so you can have some interaction jatida ;) Heavy gunners and bombards can get along, right?!

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Alright, so we have an Ash, Ember, Frost, Hydroid, and Bombard. Front line, disruption, and raw power for the cell, terrifying rockets for the Grineer. I'll edit the original post with the roster.


Would you all like to go ahead and start and more can join in, or would you prefer to wait?


Also if we only get one sign-up on the Grineer side I'll post a trooper so you can have some interaction jatida ;) Heavy gunners and bombards can get along, right?!


Sure they have to get along to be able to wipe the ninjas :)


If all the participants are ready it will be great to start the RP.

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Alrighty, I had a lot of fun writing that post!


Anyway, main thread is now open. Feel free to post in whichever order you choose, I left it open how everyone enters the story. You can fly in like Ari did, already be in orbit, or even down on the surface.


Have at it friends!


Edit: Loving the responses so far.

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Don't worry jatida, once Ahm is up and about I'll be getting a Grineer character in there for interaction :)


I was thinking of making him active after you guys start some action :)

So, feel free to wreck havoc... for now.

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If it`s still possible i might take a Ballista... Could RP for the other side, since my RP kinda tanked (my fault a bit too)


Will come up with details for her, and post them here tomorrow... That is, if you`ll have me in your merry band of space-murder-espionage...


But can start wwwith the name


Name: Klara eth Mayij

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Ok then here she is. In all her beauty.




Name: Klara eth Mayij

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Class: Ballista



Klara was very sturdy for a clone, and thus required little augmentations. Only her left arm was defective, so it was replaced with a mechanical prosthesis.

She excelled as a sniper, and was good at infiltration and elimination. For that reason she has been sent on multiple extermination and assassination operations. The Red Veil fear Ballistas because of Klara. She was assigned with experimental armor that reacts to light (Or rather - the lack of it), and participated in Gradivus conflict, where she lost her legs. This is her 3rd mission after recovering, and she`s still getting used to her new legs.

She is not very experienced in dealing with Tenno, having only once downed a Tenno that poisoned her after it`s comrades brought it back. Thus she has a passionate hate for the one they call "Saryn". 


Load-out: Standard issue Vulkar, with a silencer. Experimental light-reactive armor, that turns dark/black in low-light conditions, but is over-saturated if in full light. Mechanical arm and leg prosthesis. The feet are covered in a thick layer of silicone, muffling her footsteps.


Preferred role: Sniper/Assassin


Reason for being chosen for this mission: Klara has been noted for her ability to silently break into almost any compound, and is credited with multiple successful assassination operations, where she has taken out multiple anti-Grineer activists, and Corpus VIPs.


Unique traits: Klara is very energetic and lively on occasions, but mostly she is silent, and communicates with hand signals, if possible. She is smart about combat, and will never engage the enemy without a clear chance of victory or escape. Inexperienced with Tenno, so she doesn`t know their capabilities.

Still has a Snipetron, that she takes with her on missions. It`s been modified to fire large-caliber rounds that explode in their target.She has only 6 rounds for it. (think of Bolter rounds from Warhammer 40K)



I hope there is no objection in me bending her a bit to make her more that half-a-shot worth...

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Mage is correct. I have plans for the story if we have enough for a second cell of Tenno, so feel free to submit a bio. And accepted Psycho. Of course you can beef up your Grineer a bit, you're not just plain rank-and-file infantry after all :)


I'll have a post up soon, for some reason I thought we were waiting on one more response.

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