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Riptide (Ooc, Only Grineer Currently Being Accepted)


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I imagine the outpost to be 2 floors up above the ground, and everything else below... But please correct me BladeAngel, if you have other ideas for the layout of the facility, and need me to alter my post. :)


I also suggest that the outpost be either;


A) A small outpost (to hide from Corpus or Tenno who might see it), highly or sparsely populated with guards (high population would make it easier to guard, sparse population could make it appear abandoned and thus unimportant to anyone looking) with the majority of the place deep down in the sea (assuming that there will be something down there).

B) A medium-sized outpost (to accomodate drop-ships, supplies, guards, etc.), highly populated with guards (except on the south side, evidently) with some medium to large method of getting below the sea (submarines? A big elevator? Either way it'd probably need to be big enough to supply the downstairs).


It's completely up to you how you want the facility done - I'm just recommending possible edits just in case you don't have an entirely clear vision (although I imagine you've planned all of this).

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Guys I am sorry but seems like I will not be able to do RP in a few while, so feel free to skip my post.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Have a fun RP!


Enjoy whatever you're doing until you come back.


With jatida gone, we'd best proceed. Raven or Blade, either of you can post if you want since it's been a while since.

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Greetings from Germany, everyone!
Considering adding Warframe-RP to my list of roleplay-experiences for quite a while now, I planned to crossread your RP to get an impression of how things go here - and had it read to the end before even noticing. I really like your writing and (as far as I can guess) playstyle.
Thus, I want to apply for Riptide officially with this. English might not be my mothertongue, and I suspect I'm not even in the same timezone as you - but where's a will, there's a way. I hope my character did not become too extravagant - thinking about concepts for too long tends to do that for me.

Name: Unknown, Codename "Valkyr"
Gender: Female
Age: Biologically 25
 - Tenno: This unnamed Tenno wears her dark-red hair short to barely reach her chin. The face is showing wrinkles of someone often grimacing in a serious or angry matter, though it's just masquerading her rather young age for a Tenno acting mostly on her own. Her height is average, her stature is thin, almost scrawny, as if she recently lost a lot of weight. The right side of her body ist mostly covered in greyish tissue similar to the one created by the Technocyte.
 - Warframe: Unsurprising, this Tenno uses only a single Warframe. It's a Bastet-type Valkyr devoid of any remains of Corpus-Technology, colored in weals of grey and dull red, crossed by orokin-golden wires. Limbs an Back sprout organic outgrowths, disclosing the secret of the vivid past connecting this Tenno and the creatures of the Technocyte.
Typical Loadout:
 - Tenno Long Range Rifle 'Vectis' either modified for High-Caliber projectile or silenced (nicknamed 'Break' and 'Hush'), colored similar to the warframe with orokin-golden inlays.
 - Infested parasite 'Tysis' (referred to by the name of 'Sybill'), adapted to the warframe of its wielder.
 - Bladed Tonfa 'Kronen' (nicknamed 'Wings'), orokin-golden blades in a socket colored the same as the warframe.
Preferred Role: Sniper, dislikes engaging in Melee - despite faring in close-range as you would expect of a Valkyr.
Reason: Being interested in both the origin of herself on earth and nearly everything special about the Infested, Valkyr took this mission (or would even add herself as a fifth member, if she's in a bad mood) routinely to never miss a chance to visit her homeworld, as it is torn like herself.
Unique: If directly exposed to a life-threatening situtation, especially in short-range or melee, easily overwhelmed by beastly instincts. 
Imagery: (please ignore the corpus shackles, ingame-limitation)
 - Wielding one of the Vectis:


 - Utilizing 'Sybill':


 - Wielding her 'Wings':


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Wait whoops hit submit early, hold on.



Name: Loke Polinsk

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Description: Born from a foreign family, Loke speaks perfect English, but still uses the language barrier as an excuse to misinterpret people's instructions. Loke is of a semi-tall height, but rather skinny and generally bony looking. He has very light olive skin that doesn't see much sunlight, and his light-brown hair comes down to touch his shoulders just barely. His green eyes are fairly nearsighted, but it doesn't seem to be a problem when gazing through the magnification of a sniper scope.

Warframe: Loki

Typical Loadout: Loki carries a Vectis with him, along with some Akzanis and an Orthos Prime.

Preferred Role in Group: Sniper

Reason for being Chosen for this Mission: Loke has amazing adaptability, being able to both take down targets from across a field, or mow down piles of enemies up close with a polearm. It would certainly come in handy for whatever this mission throws at him.

Unique Traits: Loke is very stealthy, and has nearly mastered masking his movements. If he catches you approaching him, he'll go invisible and quickly relocate with hardly a trace to follow.

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As a long time fan of Warframe, a writer,  and roleplayer, finding out about the Warframe RP section was incredibly exciting.


I was hoping I could get involved in this, since I've also proposed the idea of aquatic tilesets and such.


Name: Mother


Gender: Female


Age: 32


Description: A red and white Trinity frame (minus the strange skirt jacket around her waist) wearing a Meridian helmet, masks a tall, lithe woman with her shoulder-length scarlet hair neatly pulled up into a ponytail. Her personality is generally one of a caring, down-to-earth mother as her namesake suggests. Upon awakening from cryosleep, she picked up on a garbled transmission, being able to only make out the word "Mother," she took that as her official name.


Warframe/Class: Trinity


Typical Loadout: Soma, Hikou, and the Silva & Aegis (redone to match her red and white color scheme.) 


Preferred Role in Group: Healer


Reason for Being Chosen for Mission: No team is complete without someone to keep everyone alive and healthy. And being an inquisitive mind, exploring the depths of the deep blue was a natural call for her.


Unique Traits: When her fellow squadmates are in mortal danger she can be prone to fits of rage-induced heroics, usually at the cost of her own well-being, to prevent any lethal harm coming to her friends.


Let me know if anything needs to be added or removed. And also if this is even accepted or not.


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So we have seven Tenno total. Workable.


We'll split into two cells, a four and a three. Obviously we'd want some balance between groups (i.e. not necessarily having both snipers in the same squad) unless that's what you want.


 I'll also be introducing a Grineer character so that Psycho isn't left out, and it'll let me set things up for the separate cell that Ari isn't a part of so the story can move along. Any preferences on who would like to be with whom?

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Considering Raven's of the opinion that there's a Tenno memory-bank (literally) nearby, maybe a decision could be held between both Tenno cells - which will infiltrate the underwater base and which will help her. Those who help her will presumably act as reinforcements once their job is finished.

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I'm fine with both cells, too, although I'm pretty sharp on the heels of the first squad now. How could I have guessed there are 2 Tenno following up. ^^ 


I like the idea of making the team-building IC, it's just... well, logical. And gives the characters a chance to introduce themyselves to each other.

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 ^ I think that IC team building would go great for those reasons above. See whose skilsl complement each others and divide into teams based on said skills and such.





I'm not sure at what point I should begin posting, or if I should wait until things have been worked out here.

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