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Help Choosing A Cqc Secondary



Edit: Ok, thx for the help everyone :) I got enough recommendations for what I need now, & the winner are the Akbronco Prime & Pyrana


I know that Brakk's one of the best Secondaries in the game, but I've been trying to farm the Reciever for a long time & don't feel like "wasting" time searching for people & gets only the BP or Barrel (No Reciever)


Also, it's because I like the Pyrana's looks & Reload Animation more than the Brakk (it's not ugly, but in comparison) I'd feel more like a bada** (but that's just me) with the Akbronco Prime (Though I need a Barrel & Reciever for the 2nd Bronco P, & the Link to combine them both into AkBronco Prime)





Though I'm rank 13, I'm not sure which (Rapid-firing) Secondary I should get for CQC, where my preferred Primaries are the Bows.




These are what I'm looking for:


1. Rapid firing (preferably 10~20)


2. Not too ammo inefficient (Meaning that a maxed Pistol Ammo Mutation are at least enough to "drain" my ammo pool slowly)


3. effective for CQC (like I wrote in the title)


4. (if there are any) Hit-Scan


5. No Event Weapons (pretty much missed the Cicero Crisis Event, & the Dex Furis... not even a maxed Pistol Scavenger + Ammo Mutation helped)

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Embolist?  That's pretty close quarters if you ask me.


AKBronco? might be a bit too ammo inefficient, maybe AKBronco Prime?


Brakk is pretty close quarters now that they added fall-off, and while it was an event weapon, killing the G3 will eventually give it to you (hopefully, maybe).


Afuris might be another quick firing one, if not that, then twin vipers?


Edit: added more options.

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Pyrana is enormous fun. Especially with that reloading animation.


Also, I know they're not hitscan but the Twin Grimlins really kick some, with a bit of lovin'. Fire rate is lousy to start with but can be boosted to 10+ with Lethal Torrent and Gunslinger.


Akstiletto are also very, very cool, and would tick all of your boxes :)


Not used Detron or Brakk (would love to, still missing parts) but I hear they're complete monsters in close-quarters.

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Although not ya normal cqc, the akboltor are very powerful and due to mag and rate of fire they are very viable for cq combat. I pretty much use them as all rounder side arms and at low levels leave my primary behind.

otherwise i remember the akbronco/bronco prime being very effective. (haven't used it since mastered)

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