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So.. Am I One Of The Only Veterans Who Isn't Completely Jaded With This Game?

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I've played for around 1000+ hours, maybe around 1500 in off-steam time.

I still love Warframe.  Been playing since mid closed beta... before there was even parkour!

I still respect DE and all they do for us.

I still enjoy the gameplay.

I don't mind the RNG, because that will be the game's one flaw.  Every game has a shortcoming.


I'm not bitter.

Is any other veteran still enjoying the game, or am I just missing something?

Why can't people be happy?



Additional nonsense:

With Every Update Warframe has moved forward.



Kubrows are cute little additions to the game that add a personal, human touch to the Tenno.  I LIKE KUBROWS.  ZOMG.



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Well, I love the game as well. I have probably dumped about 600 hours into it. However i do believe the game has had a few more flaws than RNG and some grind. I don't complain about these flaws because i'm never happy. I complain about certain flaws because I want DE to improve the game to make it better and more appealing to everybody. (That is, if the flaws in question are Objective.) I complain because I want to see them improve, and I complain because I care.

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Been here since March last year, stalking the game since December 2k12, I count myself as vet.

I've just returned after a burnout, took a break for 2 months only doing events for dem weapons.

Now I'm back(in blaaaaaack), and I'm enjoying the hell outta the game.

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Honestly, Im bored. I can't find the spark. I do come from time to time to mess around or see how its going though. I consider warframe a great game, and DE an amazing company, I feel like something is missing in the game for me to come back for a while and enjoy myself for hours and hours. Perhaps U14 is that thing once all the bugs has been fixed etc, who knows. One thing is certain though, U14 is a huge step forward for Warframe.

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Not really enjoying anymore (1500+ hours), DE repeatingly makes the same mistakes and im tired of it, also I dont like kubrows and the new update didnt really bring anything that wants to make me play this game.


Maybe in some months there will be something interesting, ill just keep calm and play an hour here and there when im out of good games to play.

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been in Since jan 2013 and still in it taken some break here and there but still here.

And now with the introduction of Kubrows.....I AINT GONNA LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ive put in 1330 hrs since end of june last year. it has its luls but it feels way more like a game now than it did. we are in constant control of our tenno. we are thus more in game than just staring at flat menus. ergonomics and intuition aside im loving the look and overall feel of what we have.  its like a little buggy needs some tweaks but geeze i feel like im in a game not in a collection of menus with little spurts of game between sessions of menu. 


demoting region priority in chat tab order made me laugh. 


excluding the lack of obvious in the ui i am pleased. when the terminals in tileset gonna look as good as the new ones in our ship? at the very least the corpus should have bling bling monitors. ciphers too.  


and kubrows. god im smitten.



i will keep playing as long as the game continues to evolve. shut up and take my monies

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