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How Is The Kubrow Egg Drop Rate For Everyone? (Discussion No Suggestions-With Poll)

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I've always had good egg luck.  My patience for grinding the same mission over and over is low so no more than 3 runs per day over the last couple of weeks.   Maybe 40 runs total and I've had 6 drop. Two went to waste since I already had one in inventory.


Now the hatching side is another story.  Three straight Sahasas, all butt ugly to varying degrees.  Won't know the result of the 4th egg for a few days... I don't care what it looks like I just want a non-Sahasa.  Is that asking too much RNG?

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I am guessing that the alert on monday helped everyone right? :D



Rare resources seem a little bugged, maybe you guys have an increased chance between now and the next hotfix.


(Tested on, Jupiter Io, large amount of Neurals dropped same with alert dropping quite a bit of Morphics)

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