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Extra Stasis Chambers Bug(Megathread)


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Heh... passing this along...

I had 3 slots when kubrow came out in an update it went down to 2.

Later 2-3 days ago I decide to buy another slot(sold scraps in trading figured why not get the one they stole from me).

I look on the update 14.6 thread and see that someone has 8 slots now so I check.

Looking at the others I have found everyone has gotten a full 8 slots.

So in respect I should have 9 stasis slots not simply 8 since I bought 1 a couple of days ago.


My bad for not being overly clear.(I suspect for the "Heh..." part)


But if is a bug I hopefully will get my 3 slots when they fix it unless DE is simply being generous. I'll put in a ticket in a week in case they remove the slots from everyone and I don't get my "original" 3 slots or if they don't give me 9 slots if they were simply generous.

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Similar thing, I haven't bought any extras yet, and it shows 7 more that the two that I'm using now, though it seems like just a graphical glitch because on the breeding screen it said that I've not got an open stasis chamber (which I don't, but it shows that I do).

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So I just do my usual routine of taking out my Kubrow once I get back from work to use later in the evening, and I noticed that I suddenly had 7 open stasis slots. I know I never bought these, and they seem to be just visual. 'Cause when I go to breeding 'Ensure you have an open stasis slot' still has an X next to it.


I planned to buy a 4th slot today to start breeding a new Kubrow, but I'm slightly worried that that could cause issues with this current bug going on.

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