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Sprag And Ven'kra Fight.


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Honestly they did more hopping around the fighting. The Grineer foot soldiers where more of a threat then these to since they acted like they downed 5 bags of sugar and caffeine.


They needs to attack to be a threat not Rp the Rocketeer.


EDIT: I'm not having trouble the fight just feels underwhelming at every level is all.

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I like the fact they have unique boss mechanics, but equally, it annoys me that they're artificially overpowered. Due to the void-corruption (Which is an atrocious mechanic.), ive seen Rhino Primes with Iron Skin get one-shot by those two.


I would've preferred no void corruption, but them be an insanely high level.

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The fight needs a little tweaking, aye, but it's still a challenge and, imo, pretty fun.


Also Sprag is adorable! MORE SPRAG DE!!!!

Between the sometimes weird hitbox detection with the jetpack at times? I agree.


And speaking of which, make one of them have a Radiation status effect, then watch the fun when they attack each other. 

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They're pretty easy and don't require that much thinking at 15+ below. 
Newer people are already having a bad time trying to finish it, I wouldn't recommend buffing them any further. 

The Veterans would say otherwise because let's face it, they're bringing maxed gear into this fight. 

But when you do Phobos Endurance, Ven'kra can kill you in 3 or 4 shots if you're not moving.
Sprag keeps flushing you out of your cover and you'll find yourself swarmed with Elite Lancers proccing bleed like crazy. 
If you guys are looking for a challenge, Phobos Gate Crash Endurance is for you.
It's what i've been doing to appease my taste for a harder battle. :D

I love that Sprag and Ven'kra have personalities as well. After fighting them for a good long while, you can see that Sprag would be the younger sister to the pair. She has this sorrowful dialogue whenever Ven'kra gets taken out first too, while during the fight you can hear Ven'kra telling Sprag to be patient and stuff. 

This is probably my favorite boss fight in game right now. :D


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I'm really starting to admire the Grineer society. You can truly be everything you set your heart to. Giving mentally challenged kids hammers and jetpacks and sending them to fight alongside their sisters? How am I supposed to feel good about killing Sprag? I feel like I should throw my weapons to the ground and yell "Gosh, you beat me!" before collapsing on the ground in a very dramatic twirl.


OT: (kinda) Rip line and Pull make this fight trivial. Otherwise I think it's good, just might use some more aggreasion and coordination in attacks to keep you on your toes. It¨s too easy to separate them.

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I have no comment [on the "boss fight" itself] as these bosses are no where near ready for deployment.

They both constantly teleport around the area, bugging the crap out RARELY hitting anything. I also don't agree that over powered damage is an effective way to adjust difficulty. If I were on the DE team, I'd personally advocate for much tankier mobs and bosses. So that they FEEL like strong units, instead of weak gremlins that give you a nuclear backhand if you stand still.

One thing I feel very strong FOR is that they brought a human feeling to the War. The Lotus is empty as hell and all my Kubrow says to me is "derp derp" (right?). It was excellent to hear them speak LIKE Grineer might. Instead of the stereotypical long boss spiel that never finishes because you 2 hit him/her in their "nuke spot". Warframe is an excellent game for setting emotion with a combination of pure bad assery. Almost like the Tenno are flies on the wall; ebhing and flowing through history itself. Really hope Warframe combines that with their awesome scenery. MUCH POTENTIAL, SUCH INTENSE, MANY SHIVER

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Not being an advanced player the boss fight is pretty hard for me. People talk about their attacks being random, wut? They always lunge at someone and do a crash landing that does aoe damage. Also when they jump up and then fly forward they will knock you back and also deal damage if not dodged. Both can be lethal in their own right. If you're knocked down you're open for a sniper shot as well as getting gunned down by all the other foes showing up for the fight.


As was mentioned, pull and rip line make the fight easy but so what? Everyone has  weakness and this happens to be theirs. I've seen dumb rushers who die to them over and over because they just rush the mission leave everyone behind and take them on solo. The boss offers a great challenge for not maxed players and perhaps that was the goal.

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I find them fun, but hate the movement with the jetpacks.


It just feels like they go flying off in a random direction (normally off camera) and when you start looking for them they get a cheap shot by hitting you from the side/back. 


Personally something I'd like to see would be less...erratic, for lack of a better word, movements with the jetpacks, and more precise movements. 


Like the Hammer one doing zig-zag motions back-and-towards you to dodge your fire/close the gap, or the Sniper doing a huge leap backwards or something when you get close, maybe laying down mines/grenades as she does.


As it is now they just tend to act like they're on a sugar rush.

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