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Warframe End Game

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They've said that they'll have many different "endgames" - Dark Sectors being for those who like PVP.  Supposedly the proxy wars will be stuff for PVE, though I'm likely wrong.

But right now, the game is incomplete and the closest thing to true endgame would have to be things like T4 voids, or waiting in survivals and defenses or other endless game types so long that the enemies break.

Don't hold your breath.  This game has got a long ways to go, so whatever meta/endgame the community creates itself will be trampled upon for the greater good.  Well, perceived greater good.  We'll see in the..  *ahem* end, if what DE does is right.  But nonetheless, please try and contain your butthurt should they nerf an OP item ingame that was useful in Endgame because in the normal game it detracted from the experience.

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All in all what is end game.. is it really a thing or just more game?

Is 'more game' really even needed after you have played some 500+ hours anyway?

Will that 'more game' be any different to how you see the current game now after spending another 500+ hours playing it?


For most MMOs, it is basically grinding loot for the purpose of grinding better loot (busy work), which is most of what warframe already is, so you could say you are doing 'end game' from day one).  Abet many do that with raids, which are just things you need larger groups to do, so for warframe that would just be bosses with more than 4 players (and we all know the network issues already with just 4 players, or 8 for Dark Sector conflicts).


Honestly sit back and just have fun with the game, if your not having fun after hundreds of hours, be glad you got hundreds (given these days 20 hours from a game is considered "normal"), and maybe move on to other games even if its only to return later.

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Dat alias tho. I suspect that you might have problems when people try to add you as a friend, or invite you in general.



Endgame isnt word that you are looking for. What we need is something interesting to do while we are away from farming whatever we need. Something where we can use our gazillion Forma weapons and frames.

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to me, endgame seems like going back to the basics and ranking the lower end gears that I missed ranking. The low dmg makes the game much more fun. What's more, you can actually hang around with low rank players and help them.


Seriously, if you haven't ranked lower end gears and complain about no endgame, then set yourself a goal and beat it. There are plenty of things to do and once U15 comes, there will be a lot more... call it grinding or whatever, if it's not fun just play other games.

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