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The Perfect Team For T4 Defense


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Nyx for mass crowdcontrol and some fun with Mind Control. Ancient Healbot i am looking at your reviving capabilities and Granade teamtakedowns countering.


Frost because of Bubble. Its always nice to have shield around wave 30+, even for a 3 seconds. He is not needed if you are going to wave 30, after that he is a must because of stray shots and ninja Heavy Gunners randomly locking on the pod from across the map.


Loki because of Disarming. Melee mobs are less scary than ones that shoot at you. And you can avoid melee hits by moving around.


Forth can be anything, but i would either bring Nova ( any, speed or slowpoke ) or well modded Saryn.

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Offensive: Nova / Mirage / Banshee / Mag / Rhino / Ash / Saryn

Defensive: Frost / Limbo

CrowdControl: Vauban / Nyx / Rhino / Loki / Excalibur / Banshee / Nekros

Supportive: Oberon / Trinity / Nekros


Meh: Valkyr / Volt / Zephyr / Ember / Hydroid


There. Pick one of them for each class and you have a team for T4D (Assuming they know what they're doing)


PS: Protip:Don't use more of the same role or it will be a flop


PSS: My record was 60 with recruiting channel guys iirc. I was using Nyx and they were good players and well geared

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From a guy that has done 22,000 points in the cryotic event and 90 waves in Void Tower 4 defense.... The key is perfect teamwork and a great amount of damage... The problem is killing level 500-1000 enemies...

So, nova + mirage + rhino + another mirage is the key? Just straight up lots of DPS.

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Loki, Nyx, Mag and who ever else you want.

Loki to stop people shooting, Nyx to keep them busy and Mag to actually kill things.

Last slot is for whatever you want to round out the comp, but as long as you have those three on a competent team you should be able to go forever.

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Highly dependent on how well people know their frames. I've gone with "perfect comps" and seen all sorts of stuff.

Nyx spamming chaos every moment it was up the second the wave started (waves took FOREVER), Nyx putting her max range absorb over the entire defense point when most enemies were off in the distance (now she's absorbing all of our bullets since we're inside her bubble, AND she won't hit anything!)

Slowmo Nova using her M prime to make everything crawl from the spawn to the pod (waves took FOREVER). Nova not using AMD when waves get really high.

But these aren't bad I suppose... Not compared to...

Limbo sending all his allies into the rift and letting the pod explode.

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my favourite goes to nyx, loki +....

- a trinity if you think you'll gonna need energy

- a nova if you are confident your weapons alone are gonna be enough

- a mag to nuke, but she's gonna shine only later, when the enemy shields will start to be a problem

I still didn't tried if the new aug for loki's radial disarm can be a substitute for nyx's chaos

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