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Relay/hub Suggestion: Syndicate Headquarters


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Relays/Hubs are somewhere around the corner and maybe a few blocks away there could be Syndicate HQs.

I'd love to be able to meet the Arbiters of Hexis in some kind of weird Temple where they give quests and missions to aspiring Tenno while more scholastic individuals converse with the Cephalon Suda in her Orokin Library in the Void.

Rich space ninjas spent their fortune for the prosperity of all in the markets of the Perrin Sequence located in Jupiter's upper atmosphere and the followers of the Steel Meridian plan their next steps in the fight against the grineer, hiding in an asteroid mining base from the mighty empire.

The New Loka welcome Tenno to one of the few new settlements on Earth, careful not to let outsiders in who reject their ways. The Red Veil is always on the move, setting up camp wherever a secure spot can be found.


So my idea boils down to this:

Once you gain the first rank in one of the syndicates you gain access to their HQ/Relay and can hang around with other Tenno who follow the same syndicate. Other than that, shops (or their equivalent) for syndicate equipment could be placed there as well as the leaders of the appropriate syndicate, allowing you to give them the needed "token of respect" (and some more credits) to have them proclaim you as a valuable member of the syndicate and thereby increasing your rank. Syndicate alerts could be displayed there as well in some more "mini-quest" manner like having an npc tell you that on planet x there is mission objective y to complete which is important for the syndicate.


Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? I'd love to hear how you imagine the HQ of your favourite syndicate.

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In hubs, there will be representatives of each Syndicate (from what I've heard in devstreams).

Well, it isn't much different in those Asia MMOs (like Age of Wulin/Wushu), is it? Each school has a representative in the major cities, but at the same time they have their own castle, monastery, whatever where you can meet the Grandmaster, the depot master who sells you special weapons and armor, and so on.


Cephalon Suda in her Orokin Library in the Void.

Which standing level do I need to move my personal quarters there? :)

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