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Strict Nat: Improvements And Testing

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Dunno what happened with all these changes but now I can only play the game if I'm the host, and that only works if no one with a better host metric connects to the session to trigger a host migration.  I can get invites but will always fail to join session. Never had this problem prior.


UPnP - Disabled

NAT-PmP - Disabled


Manually forwarded Router & Firewall.  Warframe says all systems are running normally.  Can see the session id and # of slots being transmitted in wireshark.


Edit: Rebooting the router seems to have fixed whatever the issue was.

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To the recent complainers: If you would like DE to assist you in fixing your crappy hardware / connection, then you best follow the instructions that were posted in this thread before and meet Glen on Raidcall to analyze what's going on in your case.

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