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Orokin Derelict Sabotage: Boss Invincibility


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Afraid to try Void with my level (6).
and I've spent 15-20mins of solo run with T1 sabotage with this.

encountered the same

Unkillable Ven'kra Tel.


is this a confirmed bug?

do melee on her jetpack counts?
I still shoot her back but still blue zeroes (0) pop-out.

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I remember my first play in Void Sabotage.

Not sure about the Tier for I was invited.

The mission runs smoothly: to the portal we jumped, both of them were killed, get key, get back, extract.

Are we all encountering this in Solo?

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I got it too. Solo Valkyr on T1 Sab. Tryed to kill Sprag but she took no damage, so I went to kill Van'Kra Tel and she died in one shot but I still couldn't kill Sprag after that.




Vaykor Marelok


Carrier Prime


Could it be caused by me igniting Sprag with Ignis?

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Yeah I got this bug too. T3 Sabotage and got all 3 caches before I went through the portal. Phobos area with both bosses invincible. Bleed and poison procs don't work. Shooting their jet packs didn't do anything, it's just frustrating.





Quanta Vandel


Reaper Prime



Was using corrosive on weapons except for melee and I shot them first before a decided to attack them with procs from the scythe.

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DE I just encountered this as well and its DAMN frustrating so please fix this issue as Ive noticed its been ongoing, either fix it or take these two out of the spawn rotation. Oh and if you need visual aid heres a video of the bug in all its frustrating glory

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While running an Orokin Derelict Sabotage mission, I encountered an invincibility issue with Ven'kra Tel/Sprag. In my specific case it was Ven'kra Tel that became invincible. Since she became 'un-killable' I was unable to retrieve the Void Key to shut down the Torsion Beam Generator, thus unable to complete the mission.


I am trying to recreate the bug, but so far it has only happened once. The following occurred in the mission when I encountered the issue:


-Played Trinity with Strun Wraith, Vaykor Marelok, and Prisma Dual Cleavers

-Black flicker appeared indicating the Juggernaut's arrival

-Found 2/3 hidden caches

-Reversed the Void portal and entered the shipyard tileset

-Engaged Ven'kra Tel and Sprag

-Killed Sprag


Infestation were spawning in the boss room with Ven'kra Tel and Sprag. The Infested Juggernaut did not spawn.



After killing Sprag no amount of shooting would lower Ven'kra Tel's HP; concentrated fire on her weak point did no damage. Since I was playing Trinity, I had Link cast for most of the battle. I could not use Energy Vampire on Ven'kra Tel (but I could on Sprag).


Link produced some results. While the damage numbers on Ven'kra Tel were displaying "0," her HP was apparently going down. Either through the Infested and/or her attacks, she was taking invisible damage. Despite this, however, she still would not fall after her HP bar was empty.


In the end I needed to abort the mission. Sorry for the wall of text, but I wanted to be thorough in my description.



Has anyone else encountered this?

Same Bug still ongoing for Multiple updates now very annoying, mainly because it is 30 mins into mission then have to abort after 15 mins just make the *@##$ die. Dont even want to do Sab missions. This bug going on way to long. 


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Something interesting to add to this. The other day I encountered this bug, yet again, but was able to overcome it. I was on Valkyr with a Helios sentinel. I just kept melee attacking in Hysteria out of frustration. Then her model seemed to snap into a slightly different position and my sentinel shot her down. I haven't been able to reproduce this, unfortunately.

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