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Hotfix 8.0.4: Hit Me With Your Best Hot(Fix).


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there have been a few issues that ive noticed, them being:


-clicking the global chat, anywhere, causes it to lag the game

-sonic boom skill is glitched

-shuriken acts like it doesnt hit anything/doesnt deal damage

-bladestorm is HIGHLY unreliant, sometimes it cant even hit a monster thats 3 feet away and clear in the open while there are only 4/5 enemies and sometimes it goes through walls, floors or just kills enemies in different rooms

-scorpions using the pull move through walls/objects/doors

-the puzzle in the elevator room at void missions dont always work out like they should

-people getting stuck in void missions randomly not being able to move or jump, they just have to wait for the rest to get to extraction if they want the reward

-the lasers from traps sometimes doing more damage than intended, a sprint right past a laser sometimes takes 40 shield, and other times it takes 300 shield


just throwing this out there to see if you guys already knew about this, other than that great work on the patches c:

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So, in other words you'd like everything to be easily available?


i never said everything, but stuff thats required to build a dojo shouldn't have to be so hard to get, nor should only be available to buy with plat.

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Hey DEWill,


I made a ticket the other day about a missing completion reward from a Void mission( Reaper prime ) but I don't see any keys. ( been 5 days, already )



Request #25355


Thanks .

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