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Archwing Warning Misile Incoming Dont Work Properly.

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Well we wanted this messange to the archwings, and we got it. But not the way that we wanted, and how it should work.

I realized that something is wrong with that messange, and I was right.

Many times greenier ships was sending to me autolocking rockets but the messange doesnt want to pop up. And it should, work on these missiles, because they are making HUGE DAMAGE from a distance and they explode before they touch you.

Today I was playingon Mobile defense, and messange ''Warning misile incoming'' pop up and I was doing nothing because there was no one near me, after 3-4 seconds greeniers ships came up.  ..... These are ships not missiles. This happend to me today 4 times.

So this really need a fix.

This messange should pop up if any of autolocking missiles are near or when they are locked on us. And for future if there will be any sniper weapon for enemies and an enemy will shot with that at us then this messange should came up too, or even if sniper is just aiming on us, we get information Warning Lock on.

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Many times I got warning when nothing was near me, for example in archwing defense mission I was  guarding one shuttle while rest of team other one, at that moment there was no enemies near my shuttle which iwas reason why I was guarding it alone, while rest of team were killing all the enemies on other side, and from time to time I was getting warning without anything being near me. Dunno if enemy on the other side was locking on, on me but that would be weird since I was even outside of affinity sharing range(was pretty far away from other side).

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From my observations, only the host receives missile warnings and the host gets that warning whenever there is a missle in space anywhere, regardless of whether or not it's actively tracking anything or anyone.


At the moment it's acting more like an enemy jamming signal, filling your display with distractions.

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