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  1. Late November for New War Dont care about Cross-play/save
  2. Guess that stuff was already mastered, so you didnt getting anything from it
  3. That is why im hoping for option to disable Cross-play matchmaking
  4. For me Tenet Exec, kinda like that big ass sword look
  5. Just reached rank 30 in Nightwave
  6. Except ephemera doesnt look in game like that, is only on sleeves and not on body
  7. Fishing is nearly impossible now, fishes refuse to spawn while infested roaming plains
  8. Just wait, eventually we get AkMagnus, same as Akvasto
  9. Yeah, i know and met few of those tryhards, but for me its just wasting time
  10. Thats why Recruiting exist, why on earth you wanna go public if you want all players have same relic
  11. What ?? Im running i5 and 1060 6GB and 99,9% time having 60 fps at 1080p/Enhanced/DX12
  12. Im will be using him while leveling, after that im throwing him back to inventory, but kinda i like Prime look
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