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Age : 24

MR : 18

In game hours : 1200H

Country : Romania

Language : English 

Previous Clans : Selachi Clan, Remnants of the Void, Synergy syndicate clan

Discord name : LORD XEMPA SEMPAI#7669

Short Bio

Why i want to join you?

Want an active clan to help me improve myself. I am an active player so i want to socialise with others everytime i enter warframe

Everybody knows, without someone to play this game you get bored. I am an military veteran in ro army , so if it is anybody who fought in 

operational teatres i;m open to hear his story ! I don't like to argue people ,and  i mind my own bussines . I like to see polite people around me so i'm 

guessing this si the perfect clan ! 

Have a wonderfull day ! 





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IGN: CreepingChamp

Mastery Rank: 29

Country: Switzerland

Language: German, English

Current Clan: Legal Assassins

Started playing: Mid 2016

Playtime: ~4’000h ingame

Discord ID: CreepingChamp#1689

About me: I really enjoy Profit Taker and speedruns in general. As of writing this message I’m on rank 3 in Profit Taker Solo on speedrun.com. I prefer PT but I’d also like to improve my skill at Eidolons. Also I like doing endurance runs, preferably survival. In general I want to find the best or most efficient way to complete any “challenge” in the game, even if it takes days or even weeks to find the right method.

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Ign: Mr.Qat

Discord: Mr Qat#3516

 MR: 29

Country: USA

Clan: Unaffiliated

Started Playing: Late 2015, been playing the game on and off since tho I came back earlier this year and have been playing it frequently.

About me: I like cats and hate dogs :D  Avid PT runner(top7 record) and Aydalon Hoonter(1000+caps).


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Ign: Wasamii

Discord: Wasamii#1000

 MR: 29

Country: France

Language: French/ English

Clan: Robot Chickens

Started Playing: At 2014 i don't know that for month , but i really play that at may 2016

PlayTime: 4770 h In game

About me: I'm a profit runner and Eidolons, but i learn other gameplay (disruption, farming, speedruns), i love progress that. 😄

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IGN: wirecard

Mastery Rank: 29

Country: Germany

Language: German, English

Current Clan: Legal Assassins

Started playing: June 2018

Playtime: ~3400h ingame

Discord: altf4shiftdelete#7356

About me: I like to do Endurance Runs, especially Disruption, as well as Eidolons and Profit-Taker, with Focus on Eidolons at the Moment. In general I like those epic Boss Fights (except  Exploiter, no one does :D), therefore I'm looking forward to potential expansions for Heat of Deimos, and the process of testing in order to find the most valuable team composition / equipment. When I'm not doing anything regarding the above mentioned things, I'm chilling in the Orbiter and old Dojo to decorate or  Fashion-Framing and waiting for Trades. I may not be the Top#1 MVP on trials.wf or speedrun.com/wf, but all in all I’d consider myself a pretty solid allrounder with a good understanding of the general game mechanics.

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IGN: i.want.to.die

MR: 23

Age: 14

Country: Philippines

Language: English, Filipino, A bit of Chinese

Current Clan: Angels of General Wishy

Started playing WF on ps4 in like 2017? Started on PC in 2018. 982 hours rn.

Discord ID: quack#4295

Just a normal dude looking to find a better clan :^)

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IGN: S1ngyy

MR 26, 6000+ hours played of which 3000+ are noted on profile since I never cheated in hours while trading (a lot of it being trading and testing in simulacrum)

I have been playing since 2013

Country: Germany

Previous clan: Astral Foundation

Discord ID: S1ngyy#4558


I want to join Quasars because I feel like there has been a steady decline in player quality recently, knoweledge- activity- and skillwise, and l would like to propose myself as a way to combat that. The most important parts in a clan for me are player interaction and community so if you think Quasars wont be able to provide that it is probably not the correct clan for me. In any case I will be looking forward to your response and possible future engagement.

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helooo 👋  my friend :handshake: :man_raising_hand: im here to inquire :woman_with_headscarf: :thinking: about quasar appication :regional_indicator_q:. i believe i have the necessary requirements :notepad_spiral: to join this awesome group :rainbow_flag: :two_men_holding_hands:. my account is mr 14 💯  with 1,426.7 hrs played :astonished:,. i partake in hobby speedrun :man_running: :woman_running: i have over 5 wrold records as of typing this :medal: :wink: , im quite the elite player if i say so myself 💀 :skull:. therefore i think the question falls; it is YOU who needs me ☝️  :man_tipping_hand: . i would be happy to assist your fledgling clan into terrific heights ✈️ :rocket:. you may contact me on my discord :disguised_face:, have a lovely day :slight_smile: 🐱

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IGN: Yamikagure
Discord : Yamikagure#1870
Joined to game: June 18, 2017
Mastery Rank: MR 29
In-game spent hours: 1265+ hours
Region: Europe
Country: Hungary
Language: My main language is Hungarian, but I usually speaks English with others who cant understand Hungarian.
Reason : I just left my previous clan because i wanted to finally became a member of an active competitive clan where are peoples take this game to the endgame and not about just chilling and having fun at all, that's why I want to join to the Quasars.
About me : I'm 17 years old secondary school student, I learn Architecture there, I'm going to graduate next year there, I love to spend my free time with playing video games or just making some preview of building etc., I like to play basketball and football with my friends too. That's all about me I think so. I hope I reached the requirements.

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IGN: LordParad0x

Time: 2600h(steam), 1030h(in-mission)

Country:Portugal (But I am french and can speak english without problems)

Current Clan: GameOver

When I started Playing: I play for 3 years and a half 

My discord ID: LordParad0x#7171


Hey, I am a french guy who likes to play and find the best optimization for missions, still need to learn a lot of stuff but I am sure I can get this from other players. I am friendly with people who aren't always trying to show they have more stuff than you =) I would love to join your clan and play with a lot of friendly people since my clan is not really active.

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