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I just had to abort another exterminate : http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/8952982015122000003.jpg


(Right before that one, I also did another exterminate where the last mob also spawned all the way back to beginning...)


I went to the end, last mob spawned all the way back to where I began, on a tile where I never saw any grineer spawn because you can't go back. So yeah, can't go back, grineer can't come to me, but some things did came to me : frustration, boredom, annoyment and incomprehension.


Especially incomprehension... Why do you break things that work ? We know you broke stealth because of focus gain... But exterminate ? Wh...


I feel like saying "Revert alert ! Hold your hands devs ! Don't touch anything ! Now, slowly, CTRL-Z the game to a "not that broken state"". You know it's bad when even exterminate is frakked up. Fix it back. You need to. You have to.


If this game was a city in sim city, these post U18 updates/changes are like a tornado you unleashed.

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Still no fix for:

1.U18: Invulnerable Eximus bug.

2.Solo mission ending and cut scene countdown became un-skipable again.

3.Extremely Abnormal Skill Damage (And Messed Up Body Part Multiplier)

4.Ash Prime Textures, Mesh & Animation Bugs

5.Excalibur's Javelin Stuns Enemy But No Damage

6.Finisher Attacks Not Bypass Shield

7.The first attack of Ninkondi and Shaku when used in quick melee does not register as a hit, dealing no damage. Edited by aerosoul1337
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